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xpd global – one of top logistics groups in Latin America – sets foot in Asia Pacific market

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Following a global rebranding and brand unification, xpd global brings 20 years of knowledge in the Americas to the Asia-Pacific region, with a dedicated office in Vietnam.

After two decades of serving North America, Latin America and Germany, epGroup has been rebranded as xpd global, considering its customers’ logistics needs, partners and talents, and a vision to 2030 and beyond. The firm aims to strengthen its commitment to deal with every supply chain challenge that involves delivering in a timely manner.

xpd global is now working globally, acting locally, and expanding internationally together to be considered by industrial clients as the world’s most trusted brand providing time-sensitive and time-critical logistics solutions.

The global structure’s first pillar of xpd global is now consolidated. From Mexico to the world, it is strategically positioned in the Americas, from Canada to Argentina. xpd global is ready to use the brand promise of “always fast, friendly and dedicated”, a solid infrastructure, culture, and values, to expand continuously to new regions.

xpd global has arrived in Asia under the leadership of Fulvio Moletti as Executive Vice-president for the Asia-Pacific region, supported by local teams in Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Vietnam, Singapore, and Indonesia. The company has eyed new markets such as Taiwan, the Philippines, India, South Korea and Japan, with official announcements expected to come soon.

The business is entering the new market with the tagline “You deserve a faster logistics experience”, given that the foundation of its new brand is speed: Speed logistics Expedited logistics.

The firm aims at solving every logistic challenge facing customers in specialized industries, with more comprehensive logistic plans for better resource optimization and minimized transit times.

In addition, xpd global intends to provide customers with enhanced service quality in communication with logistic partners for more precise and reliable cargo deliveries, all done safely and on time.

The firm also offers improved infrastructure facilities and global coverage services when handling challenging shipments, as well as additional technology integration for real-time visibility that can expedite the decision-making process.

More importantly, xpd global brings dedicated local talents, who can help customers achieve goals, given the benefits of more control, superb customer experience, better rate competitiveness and limitless growth possibilities.

“We work hard to provide trust, certainty, visibility, and peace of mind during your cargo delivery times, even when there is an urgent shipment. We are looking for a respectful long-term business relationship with our customers in specialized industries, offering quality tailored logistics solutions,” said Anna Nguyen, Managing Director of xpd global in Vietnam.

As a strategic partner in logistics, xpd global specializes in tailored time-sensitive plans and timecritical cargo solutions. The firm is continuously expanding its teams and offices around the globe. xpd global’s operations are developed on its industry verticals, multimodal teams (especially air freight solutions), constantly enhanced technologies, and superb customer experience.

With more than 1,000 talents in more than 20 countries, who are neither collaborators nor employees chosen by the company in the global market, xpd global has started in Monterrey, Mexico, with a non-stop expansion plan to give the customer’s local attention with global reach.

“We empower our team and train them to make decisions quickly and in line with our values, which are highly speed centered. This allows for minimal bureaucracy, as the customer is able to speak directly with a specialist executive who can make decisions on the spot”, said José Morales, xpd global Co-CEO.

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