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Yearning for a bright future

By Tran Thanh Binh

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Amid the ceaseless rhythm of life in Saigon, where more than ten million souls brave the trials of each day and night, the unwavering aspiration for a brighter tomorrow is tangible. As I reflect on the trials of the past year and welcome the advent of a new spring, the pulse of Saigon resonates with eager anticipation, yearning for a future adorned with abundance and warmth. The stories woven in wind-kissed shirts In the midst of the lush greenery that blankets Gia Dinh Park in Phu Nhuan District, HCMC, 27-year-old Nguyen Huu Tam, originally from Trieu Phong District in Quang Tri Province and a ride-hailing driver, finds solace and admiration for a particular stretch of road. In this serene oasis, the trees of Gia Dinh Park sway gracefully in the gentle breeze, their leaves glistening with the remnants of recent rain showers. For a brief moment, it seems as though the very wind itself has taken on a shade of green. One day, around the beginning of December, as I summoned a ride from Go Vap to District 3, another driver, Van Ngoc Huynh from Tien Giang, appeared on my screen. Upon reaching the bustling intersection of Ho Van Hue […]
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