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A glimpse of simplicity and beauty

Photo by Hoang Le

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The northwest highlands of Vietnam are renowned for their awe-inspiring landscapes, encompassing a tapestry of flowers, trees, mountains, and, of course, local people.

Amid this breathtaking scenery, it is the radiant smiles of the children that stand out as one of the most beautiful aspects. As autumn graces the region, it becomes the perfect time to embark on a journey to these mountainous terrains and immerse oneself in their charm.

These children possess smiles that radiate innocence and beauty, their eyes sparkling with curiosity. Their very presence exudes a sense of friendliness and optimism that uplifts all who encounter them.

Though still in their youth, these children contribute significantly to their families. They adeptly partake in various responsibilities, from herding buffalo to caring for their younger siblings. Their willingness and capability to lend a hand is truly remarkable.

The happiness of these highland children finds its root in the simplest of joy. From crafting wooden toys to playing with wooden carts or dancing among the trees, these uncomplicated activities fill their days with boundless fascination and delight.

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