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AB InBev promotes responsible drinking

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HCMC – Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) is collaborating with the Traffic Safety Committee of Hoa Binh Province and its Budweiser brand to launch a responsible drinking campaign.

The program, titled “Enjoy Beer Responsibly Because Someone Needs You. Don’t drive & drunk,” runs from September 12 to October 13, aiming to raise awareness about the risks of drink driving.

This year marks the second year that AB InBev and Budweiser have organized this program. Around 4,000 employees of Tessellation Company have participated in the campaign, pledging not to drive after consuming alcohol and receiving education on responsible drinking practices.

Le Xuan Cu, Chief Administrative Officer of the Traffic Safety Committee in Hoa Binh, expressed strong support for the initiative, saying that the campaign will positively impact public health and safety. He emphasized that the program aims to change the attitude towards drinking as a cause of traffic accidents, domestic violence, and other social issues affecting Vietnamese families.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the National Traffic Safety Committee, ministries, and AB InBev for their attention to ensuring traffic safety in general and this ‘Don’t drive & drunk’ program in particular,” said Cu. He expected to have increased support from central agencies and philanthropists for meaningful programs like this one in the future.

Truong Van Toan, Legal and Corporate Affairs Director at AB InBev, highlighted the economic and social significance of Hoa Binh, which houses eight industrial zones. Given the large number of workers who primarily use motorcycles for commuting, Toan stressed the necessity of the campaign to ensure road safety. He said that both government agencies and businesses have been implementing policies and communication plans to emphasize the importance of people’s health and road traffic safety.

Toan also said that the campaign was conducted at Tessellation Company in 2022 and received positive feedback from the community and local authorities. “This has motivated us to continue our journey to promote a culture of responsible beer consumption in Hoa Binh, in collaboration with the local Traffic Safety Committee and AB InBev, along with the Budweiser brand,” he added.

As one of the leading beer manufacturers in the world, AB InBev is committed to delivering high-quality products, exemplified by its Budweiser brand, which offers a unique taste not found in any other beer.

The company also aspires for every bottle of beer it produces, regardless of the brand, to be consumed responsibly. The “Enjoy Beer Responsibly Because Someone Needs You. Don’t drive & drunk,” campaign is one of AB InBev’s commitments, along with Budweiser, to bring greater joy to the community, consumers, and partners in Vietnam while ensuring a safer future.

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