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An ideal place to visit on forthcoming national holiday

By Vu Hoang

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The Reunification Day (April 30) and International Labor Day (May 1) holiday this year will mark the first year since the fourth wave of Covid-19 struck Vietnam on April 27 last year. After one year of disruptions induced by the pandemic, tourism has bounced back with multiple positive and impressive developments. The country is expected to experience a boom in tourism in the upcoming summer travel season.
Stepping into the heart of the Tra Su cajuput forest

White cajuput blooms brighten Tra Su Forest

Cajuput trees are constantly blossoming, making the whole forest as bright and beautiful as “the Garden of Eden.” The light fragrance of the all-year-round blossoms fills the forest, creating a comfortable natural space.

White blossoms with long and thin petals intertwining form numerous small bunches of flowers and spread over the green forest floor. The place is a paradise for living and a safe wildlife habitat for insects such as bees and butterflies.

A gentle feel of nature

The footprints of tourism can be seen in all pathways and waterways in the forest, with cautious steps reflecting a deep love for nature.

Many groups of visitors excitedly cycle around the forest on the pathways shaded by cajuput trees and admire flocks of birds and storks on branches of trees. Other amazing experiences include exploring the green carpets of water fern, walking on bamboo bridges and inhaling fresh air.

Tra Su – a conservation place for rare birds

Apart from admiring the eye-catching natural pictures of birds in the sky and fish in the water, travelers to the green Tra Su cajuput forest can try various southern dishes and local specialties.

A tasty southern dish

“The national holiday of Vietnam’s Reunification Day and International Labor Day marks the start of the peak summer travel season. The tourism sector is bouncing back and Tra Su is expected to see a boom in activity,” said a representative of the board of directors of the Tra Su cajuput forest tourism area.

Climb the hill and walk through the forest

The popularity of Tuc Dup Hill has never faded away due to the hill’s spiritual value and glorious past with historic victories.

The color of victory

During the forthcoming national holiday, it is strongly recommended that travelers should visit Tuc Dup Hill to feel the heroic spirit there. Dangerous and sheer rocks and granite caves come with mysterious legends and eternal epic stories.

Feeling the sound of the gorgeous Phung Hoang Son mountain range helps relieve stress and explore historic vestiges of the epic battles in wartime. The current Tuc Dup Hill is covered with green carpets and features a harmonious combination of mountains, tree foliage, dreamy lakes and miniatures, forming a real space of the southwestern region.

Pose for a photo on the hill

On the hill are a “red flower” garden, an animal sanctuary in the Seven Mountains region and the Tuc Dup Hill historical monument. In particular, the cave system has been renovated, with a number of scenes of the glorious past recreated.

The national historical relic remains full of vitality

“National spirit” can be felt by travelers when they walk through the caves, including C6 Cave which can accommodate over 150 people, Medical Military Cave, Thanh Nien Cave, Provincial Party Hall, the caves of the Military Steering Committee, the propaganda and training commission and the Women’s Association, the civil medical service cave and Tien Nu Cave. Each cave has its own beauty and uniqueness, with various types of rocks.

Grasping golden opportunities

After a long time of suspension, tourism is growing again, with multiple pandemic restrictions lifted. Travel is expected to get back to its peak seen in 2019 very soon.

Not long ago, An Giang Chairman Nguyen Thanh Binh said that annual tourist arrivals in the province might have exceeded 10 million from 2020 onwards if the pandemic had not hit the tourism industry. In 2022, An Giang Province is determined to regain its tourism growth momentum, with 10 million tourist arrivals a year. If the figure is realized, the tourism sector can obtain new achievements.

This is an attainable target thanks to amazing nature, the provincial government’s policy support and provincial departments’ thoughtful and thorough consulting.

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