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Aqua pilates takes the world by storm

By Minh Thao & Le Vu

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This new form of exercise in the water has recently been available in HCMC, which takes quite a few workout lovers by surprise.

Pilates, a system of exercises originating from the West, has been present in Vietnam for over a decade. Recently, aqua pilates – simple but effective workouts in the water – has also been introduced in HCMC, attracting the attention of exercise practitioners.

Aside from helping improve the flexibility and strength for the body, aqua pilates can also help increase the feeling of relaxation and mitigate stress for practitioners when their muscles, bones and joints are relaxed in the water. It is noteworthy that those who cannot swim can practice this exercise at ease.

Although having been a popular exercise around the world, aqua pilates has not yet gained popularity in Vietnam. This new form of exercise includes a series of movements performed in the water. Aqua pilates is one of the most effective weight loss methods. Under the pressure of water, almost all the inner organs of the body are massaged, and all the muscles, bones and joints are thoroughly relaxed.

According to Tran Xuan Thuy Linh, director of Aqua Pilates Premium, the first gym of this kind in HCMC, though aqua pilates develops strongly in Europe, Australia and Singapore, it has not yet been popular in Vietnam. She says when performing pilates movements in the water, the body will be supported by the water, making movements more flexible and positively affecting the entire body. Seeing the benefits of aqua pilates, Linh has launched this new form of exercise at her gym in HCMC, the first to offer aqua pilates practicing in the country.

Aqua pilates can help increase the feeling of relaxation and mitigate stress for practitioners

The benefits of practicing aqua pilates

– Helping rehabilitate bones and joints: The aqua pilates movements will affect joints softly and stretch muscles without any harm to knee joints, hip and ankle joints. In addition, all the inner organ can be massaged by the water; meanwhile, muscles, bones and joints are completely relaxed. This is why water is used in physiotherapy to help relieve pain and recover traumas for patients.

– Relieving stress and fatigue: Practicing exercise in the water helps burn a large sum of calories for the body and improve sleep. Nerve fibers and the entire body are relaxed but the practice is quite effective. Such underwater movements also help relieve stress, and keep a balance for mind and body.

– Keeping the body fit: Making use of the pressure of water and proper breathing, underwater movements help facilitate blood circulation, burn redundant fat and thus keep the stomach flat.

Warnings for aqua pilates practitioners

Despite the feeling of relaxation when doing physical exercise in the water, some trainers warn that aqua pilates practitioners should go into the water slowly to get used to such an environment and the change of temperature gradually.

In addition, there should be careful warm-up before practicing aqua pilates. Drink enough water to avoid dehydration. Move slowly in the water and breathe properly (inhale deeply and exhale slowly) to avoid choking on water.

As for those who cannot swim or those who begin practicing aqua pilates, do not practice aqua pilates by yourself but attend courses with the guidance of trainers to obtain the best results and to prevent accidents, if any.

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