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Billboard Music Charts to be officially launched in Vietnam

By Minh Tuan

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HCMC – The Billboard Music Charts, one of the most respected and recognized music charts globally, will be officially launched in Vietnam on January 14, marking a historic moment for Vietnam’s music industry.

The charts are expected to give Vietnamese artists and music a much-needed platform for achievement and success, plus a doorway to the international music landscape. 

Billboard Vietnam will launch two flagship charts, including the Billboard Vietnam Hot 100, which encompasses all music genres, and the Billboard Vietnam Top Vietnamese Songs, which ranks the most popular Vietnamese songs. 

Both charts rank the most popular songs in the country based on a weighted formula incorporating official-only streams on both subscription and ad-supported tiers of leading audio and video music services in Vietnam, plus downloaded sales from top music retailers, provided by MRC Data.

With the launch of the two charts, Billboard Vietnam will be able to showcase the popularity of local artists, as well as highlight the reach and influence of global artists within the territory.

Vietnamese artists will be able to celebrate their musical achievements and success to the international music community.  

“Music Charts are one of the most important validations artists can receive from fans. We are excited that Vietnamese music culture can unite and shine with artists around the world under a standardized metric for our music industry,” said Billboard Vietnam CEO Myke Brown.

“I would like to thank Billboard President Julian Holguin, the entire Billboard U.S. and regional team for their commitment to bringing the charts to Vietnam. We at Billboard Vietnam are truly committed to our local artists and we wish for them to reach their highest potential by empowering them and providing them with an opportunity to participate and be discovered on the global stage.”

Billboard was first introduced as a national music chart in 1940 and their music popularity rankings have grown to be the most accurate and respected measure of success for artists and their music. 

The Billboard Hot 100, introduced in 1958 and Billboard 200, launched in 1956, have been the barometer of success for artists, songs and albums in the United States for decades and resonate globally, especially for international acts that are able to dominate those rankings. 

A recent example was Korean act BTS, which grew in international prominence following a string of No. 1 titles on the Hot 100 and Billboard 200, as well as multiple Billboard Music Award wins.

“Since the introduction of the charts, Billboard has been the music industry’s main resource for measuring what is popular,” said Billboard President Julian Holguin. 

“With its storied history, artistry, and cultural significance, we couldn’t be more thrilled to launch a new regional chart in Vietnam. Billboard is humbled to bring the rich Vietnamese music scene to a global audience, and look forward to the artist discovery this chart will usher in.” 

Music fans play a vital role for the Billboard Vietnam music charts as their support counts for streams, views, and sales of their favorite artists’ music through legitimate music providers, which contribute toward these artists’ success.

The charts will be the first of their kind locally, exposing Vietnamese music and artists to an international audience while displaying the impact of international acts within Vietnam. These charts will also be featured on Billboard.com, further empowering artist discovery among a global community.

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