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Bosch launches new technology solution to support nursing mothers in balancing work and motherhood

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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Bosch Vietnam on July 22 announced the launch of ‘Milky Way’, a pilot project demonstrating the accuracy and reliability of Bosch sensor and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. The company unveiled a solution based on a delivery box, built in response to working mothers’ demands for a secure, convenient, and transparent solution to transport breast milk to their babies after maternity leave.

Adequate breastfeeding practices have numerous benefits, including the potential to prevent over 3,572 child deaths and 3,118 maternal deaths in Vietnam, saving over US$1.5 million in treatment costs related to inadequate breastfeeding, and generating an additional US$1.8 billion for the economy.

Project Milky Way – Smart Breastmilk Delivery Solution.

With ‘Milky Way’, working mothers who are still nursing are able to schedule breast milk deliveries from their workplace to caregivers through an app.  Riders will then collect the milk and store it in a special delivery box fitted with Bosch sensors connected to the company’s cloud platform. Home-grown ride-hailing service Be will be expediting delivery of goods using a fleet of VinFast Klara eScooters powered by Bosch electric motor and battery technologies. The electric scooters used for ‘Milky Way’ put Bosch’s scalable solutions for urban delivery to good use, making mobility more efficient and eco-friendly.

The built-in Bosch micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) sensors will continuously measure different parameters of the delivery box including humidity, temperature, lid status, impact (like a drop), location, and box integrity, thus preserving the quality and hygiene of the breast milk from pickup to completion of delivery. This also eliminates the hassle of searching for freezers or ice packs for storage of breast milk at the workplace. Users will receive delivery status notifications and can track the progress via an online tracking web app. Key information from the sensors gathered throughout the journey are also available to users via the web app to ensure integrity of the shipment. ‘Milky Way’ was developed at the Bosch engineering and business solutions center in Ho Chi Minh City.

“As a leader in sensor-based connectivity technology and an employer of choice, we are constantly innovating and developing solutions that addresses social concerns and challenges,” says Guru Mallikarjuna, managing director of Bosch in Vietnam. “By leveraging our expertise in software and sensor solutions, we are equipping mothers the support they need to strike a balance between enjoying motherhood and a fulfilling career.”

“Bosch’s IoT innovation power has an impact on millions of lives and we are seeing a healthy demand for our sensor and connectivity products,” says Baskaran Rakkiappan, managing director of Bosch engineering and business solution arm in Vietnam. “Therefore, we are always on a lookout for local talent with passion in innovation, engineering, and software skills who is hungry to make a difference.”

With more than 400,000 associates globally, ‘Milky Way’ is another badge to Bosch’s commitment to drive gender diversity and equality where every associate is valued and encouraged to reach the full potential of their professional and personal life.

“The combination of technical progress, flexible working models and socially responsible practices are amongst the basis of our success here in Vietnam,” says Guru. “Our corporate purpose is to improve quality of life by developing technology that is invented for life.”

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