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Léman Luxury wins Dot Property Award 2020 for “Best Innovative Green Building”

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Léman Luxury was honored with the “Best Innovative Green Building” Award at the Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2020 ceremony, which took place on July 23, 2020 at The Reverie Saigon.

Over 28 years of establishment and development, C.T Group has strengthened its foothold as a Corporation that puts human at the center of business and makes positive impacts to the community, setting a new model of Corporation – a Corporation that works towards the development of the community.

C.T Group is seen as a top-notch real estate brand that has proudly built and operated hi-end developments with superior construction and design quality, gaining recognition from both industrial experts and high-profile clients.

Léman Luxury is a major project of C.T Group with a focus on building a science-led green living space that features innovative, sophisticated design and excellent quality. Léman Luxury has been considered one of the most beautiful buildings in HCM City with its semi-classic Swiss architect lent itself into a bold, modern building block.

A harmonious blend of West and East cultures with a prime location in District 3, one of Timeout’s 20 coolest neighborhoods in the world where exciting new developments coexist with a sense of history, Léman Luxury is proud to contribute to the beauty of the district and the city. And the renowned Dot Property Award 2020 has marked a new milestone for Léman Luxury.

Léman Luxury – a Swiss masterpiece in the heart of HCM City.

Léman Luxury boasts the unique design of a hanging garden – a rare and desirable green space to all city dwellers which helps increase the oxygen level inside the building by 10 percent. A 60-meter waterfall falling down in front of a corridor that draws in the South wind together with the massive hanging garden help keep the building’s average temperature lower by 2-3oC compared to the surrounding’s, maintain perfect humidity, and absorb 50 percent of all fine dust.

Passing through the luxurious lounge constructed of shining stone, Italian wood, and Japanese stainless steel in blush pink color, featuring gorgeous 3D reliefs of Switzerland’s national flower, visitors will enter a whole different world of pure tranquility, where the only sounds are waterfall pouring down from a 60-meter height and bird singing, and a lush and blooming hanging garden covering over 1,000 sqm full of natural wind and sunlight.

Blooming hanging garden covering over 1,000 sqm full of natural wind and sunlight inside the building.

The infinity pool on the rooftop sports a panorama view to the city center, offering unparalleled experiences of a hi-end lifestyle. Additionally, what makes Léman Luxury extremely impressive is the building block comprising of six floors in crystal clear glass and state-of-the-art design, with inner garden space and a nice view to the green lawn from Floor 2. Every 75-sqm apartment has a view to the hanging garden with total area of 1,000 sqm, featuring an airy, column-free structure with large windows, making it as spacious and comfortable as in a 100-sqm area.

Infinity pool on Rooftop of Léman Luxury.

Boasting a premium style and unique green design, Léman Luxury has been a proud home to all residents and white-collar officers who live and work here. A green pearl in the heart of the 300-year-old city – that’s what Saigon lovers call this building.

This honorable win at Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2020 is yet another testament to the success of Léman Luxury brand and C.T Group on the way to sustainability and becoming the leading urban developer in Vietnam to create more sustainable values to the community.

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