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Brackish lagoon through the lens

Text & photos by Thu Huong

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Xuan Thuy National Park, nestled in Giao Thuy District, Nam Dinh Province, is a vast expanse of brackish lagoon and alluvial area. Located at the mouth of the Ba Lat River, where it merges with the Red River before emptying into the East Sea, this national park boasts a rich flora and fauna ecosystem.

Every year, hundreds of bird species flock to the park, seeking refuge during the winter months. It is also a bountiful seafood haven in the Red River Delta region. The captivating beauty of nature, the diverse animal life, and the livelihoods of the local residents make a lasting impression on visitors.

The brackish lagoon of Xuan Thuy National Park offers a captivating glimpse into the delicate balance of nature and the resilient spirit of the local community. It is a place where the wonders of the avian world and the vibrant livelihoods of the people intertwine, leaving an impression on all those who visit.

Birds gracefully search for food amidst the park’s natural wonders
From October to April, birds embark on their migratory journey to escape cold weather
Birds take flight, their wings creating a mesmerizing spectacle over the lagoon
Birds soar across the sky at the mouth of the Ba Lat River, showcasing their aerial prowess
Xuan Thuy National Park is home to over 200 species of birds, as recorded by the park authorities
The park basks in the enchanting glow of the sunset, creating a serene and picturesque scene
Dedicated fishermen go about their work, casting their nets in pursuit of the day’s catch
With conical hats on, women engage in ship-to-shore transport, ensuring the smooth flow of goods
An elderly man indulges in the art of fishing, patiently awaiting his next big catch
After several hours of fishing, he proudly displays the fruits of his labor
As the afternoon unfolds, locals leave the park carrying bags filled with crabs, snails, and other aquatic treasures
These bounties of the sea find their way to coastal markets, where they are sold to eager customers
Tourists gather at the fishing wharf, eager to experience the vibrant livelihoods that unfold at the break of dawn

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