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C.T Group to develop the most modern and creative social – housing project in HCMC

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Needless to say, everyone understands that HCMC is in dire need of social housing, especially for the young who do not have much accumulated finance, but who are a demographic group with knowledge, health and aspiration, and form the driving force of the city.

Along with the development of the industrial belt of small and medium enterprises in the South, C.T Group has also spent a long time preparing the land bank for housing development. The first housing project for the city’s young group, with a very creative and modern model, meets the needs of tens of thousands of young people and solves 5 elements for sustainable development for the city, namely “Business, Environment, Community, Technology and Culture”, which has connection from the beginning with tens of thousands of factories in the region.

Knowing the needs of the young

The first thing easy to see is the factor of “Business” with the connection to tens of thousands of factories of small and medium enterprises in the Southern industrial belt, providing a working environment for young people to increase their self-worth.

Binh Chanh District still boasts the large green space.

In terms of “Environment”, this is an urban area that enjoys full advantage being located in the green center in the heart of the largest nature reserve in the city, where there are countless riverlets running through the shade of ancient trees with many nicely-designed bridges. Along with that, the new urban area is equipped with the latest technology of Viettel and international corporations. The combination of modern buildings with an ideal green living environment creates an ideal “Community”, which is a young, modern, civilized and creative community.

“Technology” is considered an attractive and outstanding factor when coming to Saigon Venice. The entire urban management system, data exchange and interaction in the urban area is organized entirely by technology 4.0. The difference of the unique technology orientation of the urban area is to continuously create more “businesses”  for residents and is always ready for any future new technology changes. The urban area is a harmonious combination of an Eastern Venice with a Silicon Valley of the West. Along with that, the urban area also owns more than 1 km of wide riverbank with a pier that takes passengers to Thanh Da, Thao Dien, Bach Dang Wharf, and down to the Southwest… Everything is being resolved in terms of technology, saving and cost optimization.

“Culture” refers to the identity, the spirit of the city. Sports academies, exhibitions centers, technology and design facilities as well as small entertainment cities inside… are built to always upgrade themselves and are ready to prosper with the lightning speed development of the youth.

Noteworthy, the investor will open up the opportunity for customers to easily own an ideal living space in Saigon Venice with the apartment price expected to be very low because of the application of many new technologies as well as green energy systems supported by international organizations.

Closed utility, connecting to future

Saigon Venice is located in Binh Chanh, right at the southwest gateway to the city. Saigon Venice will be an urban area that meets all modern living criteria in the country’s largest city. The only difference in the project is the extremely reasonable price, suitable for young people as all the apartments for tens of thousands of people are social housing for the young.

Saigon Venice is pre-determined for the prosperity of the young.

With a huge area, located in the middle of an area with many trees, fresh climate, the construction density of Saigon Venice is about 29% of the total land area, while the rest is developed into a system of traffic works, services facilities… Especially, the investor of C.T Group sets aside more than 30,000m2 to build schools, with all levels from kindergarten to university and vocational training. Capturing the need for higher education of many workers, C.T Group has worked with the National University of Ho Chi Minh City to open branches of a number of faculties here. All open up the prospect for young workers to easily go to work and take advantage of the time to pursue higher education at their own place and workplace.

Sharing about the project, the representative of C.T Group said: “The target customers of Saigon Venice are young people who have not accumulated much money, but who form a community capable to develop rapidly, so the city is pre-determined for their prosperity. Therefore, the project’s selling price will surely be very suitable for customers in this segment, with flexible payment methods, optimal financial support policies for everyone to easily own a comfortable place to live with good quality of life and easy connection.”

The most visible connection is that Saigon Venice is located at the Southwest gateway to the city, facing Long An and not too far from the city center along the axis leading to the highway and Vo Van Kiet Avenue. From Saigon Venice, once can follow the direction of Tran Van Giau Avenue to the heart of District 5, District 6, District 11 or quickly go to the southwestern provinces of Long An, Tien Giang or follow National Highway 1 to Eastern provinces.

With the majority of young people taking their first jobs, working in factories, industrial zones in new cities in Binh Chanh, Binh Tan… Saigon Venice will definitely be the best place for them to “live forever” because this is where the investor has fully dedicated their resources to preparing all the best amenities for future young residents.

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