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CJ brings healthcare, education, and economic opportunity to Ninh Thuan

The Saigon Times

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HCMC – CJ Group is making considerable contributions to the lives of residents in the south-central coastal province of Ninh Thuan, through a series of impactful initiatives focused on healthcare, education, and economic development.

From January 16 to 19, the South Korean conglomerate has partnered with the Suwon Province Volunteer Medical Organization to provide free medical care to nearly 1,400 residents of Tam Ngan 1 Village.

This marks the second time CJ has organized such a mission in the village, recognizing the limited access to healthcare faced by many local ethnic minority communities.

A 23-member team, mainly comprising doctors and nurses, offered medical examinations, distributed medications, provided health consultations, and offered hygiene guidance to the locals.

Previously, CJ’s “Chili Raw Material Area” project has empowered Tam Ngan villagers through chili pepper cultivation since 2013.

With an investment of US$2.1 million, the project offers technical expertise, establishes farming standards, and guarantees the purchase of crops through CJ’s local processing plant. This has led to a stable source of income and the improved quality of life for the community, even in the face of pandemic challenges.

Another program of CJ, titled “Girl Education” project in partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), has addressed educational disparities faced by ethnic minority girls in Ninh Thuan.

In its second phase from 2023 to 2025, the initiative is supporting access to education, vocational training, and job placement, enabling girls to pursue a brighter future.

This multifaceted approach to bringing positive change to Ninh Thuan exemplifies CJ’s commitment to alleviating immediate hardships and fostering long-term sustainability for the local community.

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