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Coca-Cola to reveal new stories in Tet 2023 campaign “Tet may change, the magic remains”

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Coca-Cola Vietnam officially kicks off its 2023 Tet campaign with the message “Tet may change, the magic remains” to highlight the unchanging value of family reunion meals during Tet, despite passing generations. Coca-Cola Vietnam will stage numerous meaningful online and offline activities to welcome the New Year. The colorful images of the campaign will be rolled out across social platforms and mass media, as well as street signs and shopping mall advertisements to evoke the magical moments that define Tet. The message will be unequivocal: while Tet has changed in a myriad way over the years, the warmth of family reunions over Tet meals will stay the same forever.

Being part of the meals of millions of Vietnamese families for nearly three decades now, Coca-Cola understands the value of quality family time, especially during Tet, one of the most important traditional holidays of the Vietnamese people. The golden swallow, the COCA-COLA® Tet icon that’s bringing this year’s celebration to every Vietnamese family, changes its appearance each year with fresh tales. This year, Coca-Cola cooperates with Khim Dang to launch three new swallow designs for the Tet season, representing the North, Central and South regions with the messages “Warmth”, “Belief” and “Sincerity”.

This year’s golden swallow is stylized, inspired by “Trống Đồng”, the imperial art of Hue and decorative patterns of Bien Hoa ceramics. The convergence of swallow wings from three different parts of the country on the new COCA-COLA® design is not only symbolic of Tet reunions but also promotes the splendor of Vietnamese culture. Consumers can buy the Tet 2023 edition COCA-COLA® products at agents nationwide and will be gifted vouchers and gifts after purchasing COCA-COLA® products on Lazada. Click here for details.

COCA-COLA kicks off its 2023 Tet campaign with the message “Tet may change, the magic remains”

Along with the iconic golden swallow, each year, Coca-Cola highlights a different facet of Tet magic. This year, the brand shows the family bonding over shared Tet meals. Specifically, Coca-Cola will launch the interactive activity called “Timeless Magic Table” on a website of campaign here. Users will be able to scan a QR code on every COCA-COLA® Tet 2023 product to visit the website and share their family moments experienced during Tet meals. The website will automatically filter and collate the photos in the style of past decades to create special Tet postcards which users can share on social media. In addition, with each interaction, users will have the opportunity to receive vouchers for shopping or food ordering on e-commerce platforms. Through images of the timeless magic table of family meals, Coca-Cola hopes to share with Vietnamese people the joy of family reunions during Tet that remained unchanged over the years.

Not only featuring online activities, for this year’s Tet campaign, Coca-Cola also offers consumers in Ho Chi Minh City an interesting festive activity, with photo area bedecked in red and dozens of stalls with folk games and delicious Tet food,… at Hoa Lu Stadium (2 Dinh Tien Hoang, Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City). The event will be open for the public over two weeks from December 24, 2022 to January 8, 2023. Coca-Cola will also hold a large-scale Tet event featuring thousands of families and a lineup of celebrities to work an exciting miracle together with Coca-Cola. This special event will happen on January 8, 2023.

COCA-COLA® is honored to be part of many generations of Vietnamese

“COCA-COLA® is honored to be part of many generations of Vietnamese. We are pleased to be a companion to the miraculous bonding between family members, especially during the coming Tet holidays. With the message “Tet may change, the magic remains”, Coca-Cola wants to bring back memories of the old Tet family meals so we can all treasure our families and the traditional Tet holiday. Coca-Cola believes that miracles surround us in every moment, and through this year’s Tet campaign, we hope to help many realize the magic of the moment bonding with family in every Tet meal,” Mrs. Nguyen Lan Yen, Marketing Head of Coca-Cola Vietnam shared.

The 2023 Tet season of Coca-Cola was kicked off with the launch of a commercial video (TVC) to drive the campaign message “Tet may change, the magic remains.” The 60-second clip takes viewers through a man’s growth over a 20-year period. As a young man, he undergoes many changes, from being single to marriage – but the marvel of intimacy and the cozy atmosphere created by family meals stay stable. During the years, COCA-COLA® has been a mainstay on the family dinner table, strengthening the bonds between the family members. This year, Coca-Cola continues to be one of the first brands to launch its Tet video campaign to bring the public a sense of belonging and familial warmth through its advertisements imbued with the beauty of Vietnamese culture. The video is available for viewing on the COCA-COLA® fanpage here.

COCA-COLA’s 2023 Tet product set with three new swallow designs, representing the North, Central and South regions

Though the world never stops changing, some values are timeless. This Tet, let us travel back to places of recollection with friends and family and reminisce about precious time of Tet meals with COCA-COLA®.  For more information about the company and the brand, please visit  https://www.cocacolavietnam.com/news.

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