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Community support as a mission of Ford Vietnam

By Le Hoang

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Ford Vietnam considers social contributions a part of its responsibility to the community. Therefore, the company has been implementing various programs in areas such as traffic safety, education and training support, and other charitable activities.

Driving up community safety 

Over 200 members of the Saigon and Danang driving clubs recently received first aid training, a program organized by Ford Vietnam in collaboration with Dr. Ngo Duc Hung, a lecturer at Hanoi Medical University. This program continues Ford Vietnam’s “Basic First Aid Skills – Small Knowledge, Big Safety” project launched last year. It aims to provide basic first aid knowledge that is often skipped in daily life, helping reduce injuries and prevent dangerous actions in emergencies.

Under the project, first aid knowledge is shared through 18 short videos on Ford’s official channels. These skills include knowledge about first aid tools, safety principles, and basic first aid steps. Examples include methods to rescue people from electric shock, drowning, stroke, burns, open wounds, animal/insect bites, and bone/joint injuries, enabling viewers to handle various situations effectively.

With this video series, Ford hopes to spread useful knowledge throughout the community via social media channels. Ford Vietnam believes that sharing even small first aid skills can provide significant benefits, helping individuals protect themselves in risky situations and thereby improving the community’s quality of life.

Building on the success of this project, Ford Vietnam will implement advanced first aid training programs for 1,000 nursing home caregivers and preschool teachers. The company hopes to help reduce injuries and fatalities, improving the quality of life for vulnerable groups like the elderly and children.

Supporting remote communities 

Furthermore, aiming to create long-term positive changes for vulnerable groups in difficult, remote areas, Ford Vietnam has initiated the Communities of Care program. This program connects company resources, NGOs, and Ford car owner clubs nationwide. It aims to contribute to road and public space improvements, vocational training initiatives, healthcare, and educational support.

The program is expected to positively impact around 5,000 people in remote areas, providing better access to healthcare, education, and job opportunities, thereby sustainably improving the quality of life.

Specifically, Ford has sponsored projects to create sustainable livelihoods for young people in remote areas with difficult circumstances, such as the “Learn to be a Craftsman” project and recently a vocational training program for 12 young H’mong women in Sin Chai. This program teaches traditional indigo dyeing skills to create marketable products. Once proficient, the 12 women will train others in the area, contributing to sustainable local livelihoods.

Along with Ford’s Global Care Month held every September, Ford Vietnam plans to launch social projects for vulnerable groups and children. The company will build and donate five recycled playgrounds and learning tools for children in difficult localities such as Dien Bien, Cao Bang, Lai Chau, and Ha Giang.

Ford Vietnam has also sought to directly contribute to education. It has donated Ford Territory vehicles, engines, and gearboxes to seven universities and colleges in Vietnam for teaching and training purposes. This allows students to practice on actual car components and learn about modern technologies and operating mechanisms used in Ford’s factories worldwide. The program of donating model cars, engines, and gearboxes to universities and colleges will continue this year.

Ford Vietnam donates a Ford Ranger engine to Thuy Loi University for the purpose of training

For many years, Ford Vietnam has actively contributed to social responsibility activities such as awarding scholarships, creating playgrounds and libraries for children, and promoting traffic safety. The Ford Driving Skills for Life program has trained over 18,000 drivers nationwide for free over the past 16 years.

Last year, Ford Vietnam completed an additional US$82 million investment in its Hai Duong plant, raising the total to over US$200 million in this plant, doubling the workforce to 1,200 people and increasing production capacity to over 40,000 vehicles per year from 14,000. In 2023, while the entire Vietnamese automotive market declined by 25.4% compared to 2022, Ford defied the trend and set a sales record with over 38,300 vehicles sold, a 33% increase from 2022, capturing a 10% market share.

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