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Crafting culinary excellence rooted in tradition

The Saigon Times

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Benoit Chaigneau, a food expert and former TV host on French national television, discovered his deep affection for Vietnam 13 years ago during a mission as a media expert for Vietnam’s National Television. His culinary odyssey through the rich tapestry of Vietnamese cuisine has been nothing short of extraordinary. Amidst the myriad of Vietnamese delicacies, it is the memory of fish sauce that has left an indelible mark on his palate. In an exclusive interview with The Saigon Times, Benoit Chaigneau talked about his captivating journey of crafting his own “nước mắm” – the Vietnamese term for fish sauce, a word he fervently insisted on using throughout our conversation. The Saigon Times: Could you share the “Eureka!” moment when you first tasted nước mắm, which inspired your deeper exploration of it?Benoit Chaigneau: My profound connection with nước mắm, the Vietnamese fish sauce, was forged during the Covid-19 pandemic when I found myself stranded in Vietnam. Rather than allowing time to pass idly, I embarked on a journey through the Vietnamese countryside, eager to unearth local culinary treasures and cooking techniques. Whenever I stumbled upon someone preparing a meal, I would peer through their windows, hoping to be granted permission to […]
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