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Discover God’s Eye Mountain

Photo by Ngo Vinh Phu

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Nui Mat Than, or God’s Eye Mountain, stands as a captivating destination for tourists seeking the extraordinary beauty of nature. Located within the 36 Thang Hen Lakes complex in Cao Bang Global Geopark, in the northernmost region of Vietnam, this mountain earns its name due to a remarkable feature at its summit—a large hole resembling an eye. It is truly a one-of-a-kind wonder in Vietnam.

God’s Eye Mountain is a landscape of rolling rocky peaks, nestled amidst a backdrop of lush, curvaceous green grass. It paints a poetic and picturesque scene, akin to a beautiful valley.

Exploring this unique mountain allows you to immerse yourself in the local life of the Tay ethnic people. You will encounter their symbolic stilt houses, stone fences, and terraced fields, providing insights into their rich culture and way of life.

To reach this hidden gem, it is advisable to travel by motorbike, as the path leading to the valley is relatively narrow, allowing you to fully appreciate the journey and the stunning surroundings.

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