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Dynamic lifestyle in a project for the young in Quy Nhon

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A living space designed for satisfying the young customers’ demands in 9X Quy Nhon, a project developed by Hung Thinh Land

Given a lot of woes in the realty market, many real estate corporations have decided to narrow their business operations, while others have continued launching new projects, focusing on customers fond of stable settlement. Hung Thinh is among the latter group, and has launched onto the market 9X Quy Nhon apartment project in the center of Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province.

An artist’s impression of 9X Quy Nhon apartment project is located in Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province – PHOTO: HUNG THINH LAND

The project aims to satisfy the stable settlement demand of the 9X customer group who are working in the coastal city of the Central region. The project’s convenience such as modern design, synchronous facilities and its location in a well-zoned area, promises to make 9X Quy Nhon apartments attractive to young customers.

A fulfilled life in an all-in-one urban area

According to Do Thu Hang, Senior Manager of Savills Hanoi, property buyers at this time should pay attention to the construction quality and facilities in order to ensure their future convenience. For the investor, Hung Thinh needs to prioritize shopping and catering facilities serving the residents’ daily activities when developing local amenities for the project. The project must also be well managed to ensure the optimum benefits for the residents in case they buy apartments for settlement or investment.

9X Quy Nhon apartment is located right in the heart of the existing commercial urban area of Richmond Quy Nhon that possesses a synchronous and systematic facility ecosystem and local amenities.

Accordingly, residents who own 9X Quy Nhon apartments will be entitled to a series of local amenities such as green tree park, natural pool, kindergarten, kid entertainment area, clubhouse, and commercial quarter, among others.

“Living in 9X Quy Nhon apartments, residents will enjoy dual benefits from the utility ecosystem in an urban complex. A modern and balanced living space promises bringing residents relaxation when getting back home after a long working day, a place that also inspires the young dynamic people in realizing their dreams,” said a representative of Hung Thinh Land as the project developer.

Dynamic lifestyle of the young generation

Besides the facilities of Richmond Quy Nhon urban area, Hung Thinh Land also focuses on developing local amenities of 9X Quy Nhon apartment project to not only create a comfortable and convenient life but also care for mental and physical health of the coastal urban’s residents.

Many community-connected spaces of the project are prioritized for development such as the walking path and the suspension park among others. These places are where residents could interact and make friends with those having the same viewpoint, thereby expanding long-term business cooperation.

Meanwhile, those keen on sports will have more space to do exercises at outdoor sport areas, tennis and badminton courts, and the swimming pool to maintain a healthy life.

An artist’s impression of the swimming pool where residents could relax themselves in the cool water after a hard-working day – PHOTO: HUNG THINH LAND

Living in 9X Quy Nhon apartment, Millennials and young families could have a picnic right at the park and a BBQ garden without the need to move a long distance. At the same time, children could play and freely create at the kid entertainment area with their same age friends.

The series of facilities not only offers a solution to the settlement requirements but also meets the needs of staycation and workation of Gen Z and Y. Young residents could have relaxation right at their home to recharge their energy.

State-of-the-art design

9X Quy Nhon which will be 21-storey high with one basement each expects to launch 1,600 apartments onto the market. These products are categorized as studio apartments and one- to three-bedroom apartments with an area of 38 square meters to 86 square meters, appropriate with the need and financial capacity of each customer. Every single apartment has a smart design, optimizing functions and maintaining the high quality of the buildings from the project’s space to its landscape architecture.

Taking advantage of “being nestled in the mountain overlooking the beach” location – the back of the buildings leaning on the Vung Chua mountain, while the façade of the building having a view toward the sea, each apartment is designed open, making the most of the natural light and wind, aiming to bring a living space harmonious with nature. Apartments will have an open view of the entire bay, mountain view or vivid city view.

An artist’s impression of the sea view from the corridor of an apartment at the 9X Quy Nhon – PHOTO: HUNG THINH LAND

“From the corridor of the apartment, young residents could contemplate the beauty of the dawn and glory of the sunset, enjoying a living space like a resort full of surrounding utilities,” said a representative of Property X as the project’s distributor.

In addition, the project is located near multiple facilities, famous scenic spots and other key international-standard projects relating to technology, science, education such as TMA Innovation Park, the International Centre for Interdisciplinary Science and Education (ICISE), and the Science Discovery Center. With a dedicated care, the project promises to offer solutions to the settlement demand of an intellectual community working in this coastal city.

To support young customers in buying apartments without the need of using financial leverage, 9X Quy Nhon offers the lowest price starting at VND1.25 billion for an apartment, of which customers only need to pay an amount of VND111 million in advance, while the balance will be paid by instalments at around VND11 million every month. After three years, the apartment will be handed over to the customers.

Apart from offering a discount rate of up to 9%, Hung Thinh Land also rolls out a financial support policy of up to 6% in three phases, creating favorable conditions for young people to possess their own houses. Specifically, after execution of the apartment sale agreement, customers are only required to pay 3% instead of 5%, the investor will support paying the remainder of 2%. The subsequent payment terms which include 12 months after the execution of the sale agreement and after the issuance of delivery notice, will be subject to a support of 2% by the investor for each time of payment.

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