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Saturday, May 21, 2022


Hung Thinh

Experiencing exciting sporting event on Quy Nhon’s Hai Giang Peninsula

Quy Nhon is becoming more attractive with enjoyable and new experiences. The city has gradually emerged as a new destination in Asia with diversified...

Hung Thinh signs strategic partnership with various partners for Quy Nhon tourism development

Hung Thinh Group, one of the major real estate developers in Vietnam, has formed a strategic partnership with tourism firm Vietravel to promote tourism...

Giang Brothers receive US$50,000 spot reward from Hung Thinh Corp

In recognition of Giang Brothers’ outstanding achievement of setting a new Guinness record for most consecutive stairs climbed while balancing on the head: 100...

An enterprising supporter behind the city’s new normal

Life in HCMC is gradually returning to a state of normalcy, to some extent, but the measured peace of mind in the city these...

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