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EVN powers up to face electricity challenges in 2024

The Saigon Times

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HCMC – Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) is gearing up to tackle the possible electricity supply challenges in 2024 by taking multiple measures.

Despite a 4.6% rise in electricity production compared to 2022, EVN anticipates formidable difficulties in meeting the rising electricity demand next year.

EVN’s projections indicate a total electricity production and import target of 280.6 billion kWh for 2023, with the remaining months of the year expected to have a secure power supply.

In preparation for 2024, EVN has laid out a proactive strategy to ensure an adequate power supply. This strategy includes maintaining the safe and stable operations of power plants, particularly minimizing disruptions, especially in coal-fired power plants in northern Vietnam during the 2024 dry season.

The organization has committed to conducting comprehensive inspections, scheduled maintenance, and timely equipment repairs or replacements to ensure plant availability and readiness.

By the end of 2023, EVN and its subsidiaries will complete significant maintenance work, bringing 17 power-generating units with a total capacity exceeding 5,200 megawatts back into operation. These actions are intended to enhance power supply reliability and address potential disruptions caused by various factors.

EVN is also dedicated to optimizing energy sources and improving transmission capabilities. Efforts are underway to maximize power transmission from central to northern regions and maintain high reservoir water levels by late 2023, in preparation for the 2024 dry season.

EVN has secured agreements with coal and mineral companies, and ongoing negotiations with oil and gas companies aim to ensure a stable fuel supply for power generation.

The company is also expediting the construction of new power transmission lines to support the integration of imported electricity from Laos and improve national grid connectivity.

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