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Experiencing a new lifestyle in Nha Trang City

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High-rise living in the heart of the coastal city of Nha Trang has emerged as a trend for both natives of Nha Trang and those who wish to settle down in the city.

Nha Trang City receives more dwellers

Paul Doumer, who wrote his memoir on the Indochinese and is the chief architect of megaprojects such as the North-South railway, the Long Bien Bridge, and a citywide tramway network in Hanoi, had his breath taken when he first saw Nha Trang City in Khanh Hoa Province. “Its beauty has left me in awe. Such a sight of nature gave me. Rarely could the view of nature fascinate and move me as Nha Trang did,” he said in his book.

A century has passed. Thanks to its charm, Nha Trang is now a famous destination for international travelers. It is also considered one of the best living places in Vietnam, with more and more people from the south-central region flocking to the coastal city and settling there.

Hong Nhung, a Hanoian woman who has moved to Nha Trang for eight months, could not hide her joy when she talked about her decision to live here. She opted to live in the city as it was convenient for her work, and more importantly, she was attracted by the mountains, the sea, and the view of the place.

Last March, she took a two-week training trip held in Nha Trang. “I have always wanted to return to Nha Trang since. I want to live and work there. I yearn for those evenings spent walking along the beach, enjoying the gentle breezes, warm sunlight, and fresh seafood. After securing a job, I bought a sea-view apartment and enjoyed the life I have always desired,” she said.

Like Nhung, more and more people have moved to Nha Trang and enjoyed living in harmony with nature, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. According to experts, the government’s strategic plans have given this trend a shot in the arm.

The government has approved two strategic plans to facilitate Khanh Hoa’s socioeconomic growth. One adjusts the general plan for Van Phong economic zone by 2040; the other is a master plan for Khanh Hoa in the 2021–30 period with a vision for 2050.

Khanh Hoa is oriented towards becoming a centrally-governed city by 2030, with a population of 1.4 million. And Nha Trang would be developed as an essential growth pole in various sectors and the gateway for international integration of the province.

Besides, the central province is upgrading its infrastructure with projects like the North-South Expressway, the inter-regional route connecting Khanh Hoa with Ninh Thuan and Lam Dong provinces, and the Van Phong International Transshipment Port.

A new lifestyle

As Nha Trang welcomes more residents, another trend has emerged. Living in a high-rise building has become trendy in the city.

People gather on a balcony of a high-rise building in Nha Trang (PHOTO: GRAND MARK NHA TRANG)

Many factors contribute to this trend. For Quoc Khanh, a native of Nha Trang, living on the high floor offers him an excellent grandstand view of the city, fresh air, and a relaxed atmosphere.

“Taking a deep breath and enjoying the sea breeze, sunlight, and the city’s landscape from the balcony on the ninth floor makes my day. This is what my previous two-story home can not offer,” Khanh said. He plans to buy a new beach-view apartment on the 25th floor for a better experience.

Hang, who lived in HCMC for seven years, has rented out her home on Trinh Hoai Duc Street and went for a beach-view apartment in the Grand Mark Nha Trang project.

“Living in an apartment is more suitable for me, as it has various amenities. I have always longed for a home with all modern conveniences that allows me to live in harmony with nature. That is the reason why I chose Grand Mark Nha Trang. By the time the project finishes, I will have the lifestyle I have long wished for,” she said.

According to the real estate broker in Nha Trang, beach-view apartments are not only attractive to the young but also enticing to older generations. I have many elderly clients who buy a second home where they can immerse themselves in nature and live with their children. Besides, a property could also be passed on to the next generations. My customers prefer investing in near-complete projects with good legality, convenient location, and nearby facilities.

This trend has led to a surge in demand for high-story apartments. Data from the Khanh Hoa Department of Construction showed that the province had only 10 commercial housing projects under construction in the year’s first quarter, with over 1,500 units. The scarce supply of Khanh Hoa’s real estate market has made existing projects like Grand Mark Nha Trang more attractive to buyers ready to experience a new lifestyle.

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