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Exploring landscapes in the countryside

By Thu Huong – Duy Nguyen

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The north-central province of Thanh Hoa boasts multiple breathtaking natural landscapes. Tourists are highly recommended to venture into the highland districts of Quan Son, Ba Thuoc and Muong Lat.

Summer invites travelers to unwind amidst the refreshing streams and waterfalls, while the rugged mountains and lush forests offer a mesmerizing backdrop year-round. Witness the enchanting charm of terraced fields and immerse yourself in the vibrant ambiance of countryside markets.

A cluster of fishing villages along the riverbank
The sun rises high, while white clouds still float amidst the mountains
Vibrant hues paint the evening sky against the mountain silhouette
The stilt houses of the Muong ethnic people next to the rice fields
The village perches precariously on the mountainside
A winding road amidst terraced fields
A village nestled within the valley
The Hieu Waterfall Community Tourism Site
The mysterious and fascinating Bat Cave
Cascading water tumbles down from lofty peaks
Enthusiastic tourists marvel at the majestic waterfall
A small bridge that leads to the waterfall for people to take photos
Small clear streams in the village
A simple countryside market

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