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Health requirements for running

By Nha Ly

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Tips for amateur runners wanting to take part in running competitions. Amateur runners participating in long-distance running events may face health risks unless they undergo regular cardiovascular health checkups, according to doctors. When doing high-intensity physical activities, the body will produce endorphin, a type of neurotransmitter that brings freshness and relaxation to the body. This can make runners ignore their increasing blood pressure, which is a high risk to their health. According to Dr. Doan Du Manh, a member of the Vietnam Vascular Disease Association, sudden death cases during running events may come from cardiovascular problems. Running increases heart rates, and fast increase in heart rates and blood pressure may give rise to cerebral ischemia, a common mechanism of acute brain injury that results from impaired blood flow to the brain, and even cardiac arrest. Prior to participating in a long-distance running event, runners should have their cardiovascular health checked. In addition, the organizing board of a running competition should mandate health checkups for all participants. Those with high blood pressure should not take part in running. Meanwhile, those with cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure should rather practice walking, swimming, or doing physical exercise gently, and they should stop […]
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