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Exploring pristine water among rocky mountains

Photo by Dat Thanh

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Nestled within Tay Ninh Province’s Ma Thien Lanh Valley, Ho Nui Da (Rocky Mountain Lake) is like a breathtaking gem, surrounded by the majestic Phung, Heo, and Ba Den mountains. Characterized by its rugged rock formations embracing crystal-clear water, this serene lake offers a captivating retreat for nature lovers.

Accessing Ho Nui Da entails negotiating paths that wind through steep cliffs and deep ravines, providing adventurers with a thrilling journey through untouched wilderness. The tranquil ambiance and camping opportunities make it a haven for eco-tourists and outdoor enthusiasts.

However, visitors should come prepared, as there are no nearby lodging or dining facilities. Thorough preparation is essential for travelers embarking on this adventure to ensure a safe and unforgettable experience.

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