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Exploring the pristine beauty of Cu Lao Cau Island

By Thanh Hien - Dinh Thuy

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Thanks to the strict protection of the border guards, Cu Lao Cau Island has retained its wild, mysterious and primitive natural beauty.

Cu Lao Cau, a small island with an area of some 1.5 square kilometers, is located in Binh Thuan Province, some 110 kilometers from Phan Thiet City. It is also known as Cau Islet because of the abundance of spinach on it.

The island is over 10 kilometers from the mainland, so it takes tourists only about one hour to get there. To get to Cu Lao Cau, tourists can depart from Phuoc The fishing port, Lien Huong Town or Ca Na Town.

Since the island has only a military pier, fishing and tourist boats cannot dock there. Therefore, tourist boats stop at a distance, and visitors travel to the shore by coracle.

There are not many tourism activities on Cu Lao Cau. If visitors want to stay overnight, they have to seek permission from the border guards.

They can set up tents or sleeping bags and wake up in the midst of nature. The small island boasts wild beauty, a white sandy beach, and a sea so pure and clear that one can see right to the bottom. Thousands of limestones of various shapes and colors surround Cu Lao Cau, connecting to create interesting caves. The color of the limestones changes according to the light of each day.

Thousands of limestones of various shapes and colors on the island

In addition, Cau Islet also has a two-kilometer primitive coral reef and 243 different types of corals. Diving 4-5 meters deep, one can witness a shimmering coral world hidden under the blue water.

Cu Lao Cau has a variety of fresh seafood at affordable prices. Besides, tourists can also visit Yen Cave on the island, one of the few bird nests that is strictly controlled and retains its inherent nature. Next to Yen Cave is Ba Hon Cave, created with three large stone slabs of unique shapes.

Cu Lao Cau is an ideal destination for those who love to explore the beauty of nature, the sea and experience a little adventure.

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