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Exploring the pristine islet in Quy Nhon

By Ngo Vinh Phu

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Located just 20 kilometers from the heart of Quy Nhon City, Hon Kho Islet has become a beloved destination for travelers seeking untouched natural beauty, boasting clear azure waters and powdery white sandy beaches.

True to its name, the islet’s landscape is unique, characterized by massive rock formations that dominate the scenery. These rocks serve as a natural shield, providing protection to the nearby Nhon Hai fishing village.

Apart from its expansive sandy beaches, Hon Kho Islet is a paradise for underwater enthusiasts eager to discover the mesmerizing coral reefs beneath the crystal-clear waters. Visitors can also partake in thrilling adventures and savor delectable fresh seafood at floating restaurants dotting the coastline. Moreover, they can bask in the tranquility of the islet while witnessing the breathtaking sunset on the beach.

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