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FGL’s love kitchen lights up the fire of love

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Vietnam is enduring the toughest time of the pandemic, as the number of Covid-19 patients is rapidly growing. Furthermore, as Directive No.16/CT-TTG is being implemented, many individuals have been facing difficult situations. Aware of such circumstances, Fashion Garments 2 Co. Ltd (FGL) has quickly implemented a meaningful campaign called “Bep Yeu Thuong” one of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

A meal in need is a meal indeed

For the last few months, most attention has been drawn to the southern area of the country, especially HCMC, where the Covid-19 caseload has been increasing by the hour.

In the past time, the whole nation’s spirit of solidarity has been motivated in everyone’s hearts. In hard times, people realize the power of love and sharing. Free food and vegetables have been donated, and medicines and vaccines have been delivered.

FGL, one of the industry leaders in garment manufacturing in Vietnam, has enthusiastically joined hands to help disadvantaged people. Through the initiative called “Bep Yeu Thuong” which took place from July 19th to August 6, 2021, FGL called for contributions and volunteers among its employees. “Bep Yeu Thuong” supports disadvantaged individuals and families in the neighborhood of FGL’s plants in many localities with 2.000 free meals a day during the lockdown period.

Notably, FGL canteen suppliers are responsible for direct cooking to ensure the quality of each meal given. In cooperation with the local government supporters, FGL volunteers are organized in groups of five members each day. To safeguard themselves and the community, the volunteer groups always wear protective suits and strictly follow Covid-safe guidelines when distributing free meals to disadvantaged people.

FGL also received tons of support and love from the employees at FGL, and from the suppliers and partners who join hands to continue “Bep” to spread love around.

Keeping up FGL’s tradition: “The good leaves protect tattered ones”

Thuong, an employee from FGL, expressed her feeling: “My colleagues and I are under difficult circumstances, but we are lucky to still receive support from our company – FGL. We know that many other disadvantaged people have been struggling even more in the midst of COVID-19. That is why I would like to join hands with my company to contribute to the community around us.”

Love Kitchen is not the only CSR initiative from FGL. The company prides itself as one of the pioneers in implementing comprehensive CSR activities from the very first days. Annually, FGL participates in a variety of charity activities, such as: donating clothes to the Social Protection Center for AO/dioxin victims; donating clothes and necessary utilities to the Orphanage Thien Binh in Dong Nai’s Bien Hoa City, preparing first aid kits, basic amenities, warm clothing, and blankets for all ages at Nóc Lâng Loan – a village in Quang Nam, sponsoring to build up the playground of Pham Van Dong primary school in Dong Nai Province’s Tan Phu District among others.

Bearing in mind that giving is more than just contributing money, but also “making things better,” FGL has invested in long-term impact CSR campaigns. Some notable projects include the renovation of school restrooms for pupils in the Mekong Delta and the construction of a bridge in An Hoa Commune of Dong Thap Province’s Tam Nong District..

In addition, to improve the living condition and the environment, FGL undertakes practical community projects such as: preventing sea erosion by developing coastal mangroves in Quang Nam, bringing clean water to Xuan Tay Gommune in Dong Nai.

FGL volunteers donate necessities to underprivileged children

Ms. Truong Thi Tuong Uyen, FGL’s board member, added: “Even in a tough time, FGL always commits to our core values “Create the Future. Stronger Together”. We believe that if each person gives a hand to help others, no one is left behind in the fight against COVID-19. Any contribution is a heart of mutual affection and motivation for FGL to develop greater community activities and win the fight against the pandemic together.”

Thanks to FGL’s comprehensive and diverse CSR activities like “Bep Yeu Thuong”, the spirit of sharing is spread more widely among Vietnamese people. No matter how hard the situation is, we can surpass this difficult situation, Uyen said.

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