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HCMC to make list of people aged over 18 for Covid-19 vaccination

By Minh Duy

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HCMC – The HCMC Department of Health has issued guidelines for local authorities citywide to make a list of residents aged over 18 who need to be vaccinated against Covid-19, which has taken a heavy toll on the city with more than 96,000 domestic cases reported.

The Health Department said in an urgent dispatch that the local authorities have to classify the residents into priority groups. Based on the number of people eligible to get vaccinated and the local vaccination capacity, the authorities will arrange inoculation schedules in line with social distancing rules.

Each ward and commune will establish 3-4 vaccination locations instead of two like before, and organize the vaccination drive at public and private medical facilities.

Aside from fixed vaccination sites, the local authorities were told to set up more mobile vaccination sites, including mobile vaccination teams or mobile vaccination vehicles to visit residential areas and hamlets to enable even the elderly and people in areas on lockdown to receive the vaccine doses.

The vaccination drive can go beyond 6 p.m. every day based on the demand, and the number of vaccine doses administered each day will not be restricted. Each vaccination team can vaccinate over 200 people per day.

In areas on lockdown, the local authorities have to arrange fixed or mobile vaccination sites based on the number of people in need of vaccination, aimed at preventing them from leaving their lockdown areas to be inoculated.

HCMC is carrying out its fifth Covid vaccination drive with 930,000 doses expected to be administered. To speed up the drive, the city has formed 1,200 vaccination teams instead of the previous 1,000 teams.

According to the country’s Covid vaccination portal, HCMC is currently taking the lead in the number of Covid vaccine doses received, with 3,096,770 doses. The city had administered 1,496,071 doses.

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