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GenAI reshapes industries and customer experiences

By Do An

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HCMC – Experts and business executives gathered at CIO Vietnam’s conference in HCMC yesterday, April 24, to explore the transformative power of Generative AI, or GenAI. Discussions focused on the technology’s ability to optimize operations, accelerate innovation, and revolutionize customer interactions.

Various presentations showcased GenAI’s potential to fuel creativity, streamline prototyping, and drive business transformation across sectors.

Experts said the growing reach of GenAI applications, powered by technologies like large language models (LLMs), diffusion models, and user-friendly interfaces, is driving a boom in the AI industry.

The technology’s ability to provide time-saving, cost-effective solutions opens new possibilities for AI development.

Tran Viet Huan, chief technology officer at SonKim Group and president of CIO Vietnam, said, “AI will not replace people, but it may replace those who do not adapt to work alongside it.”

Speakers underscored that GenAI adoption benefits businesses at all levels. Employees can leverage it to boost productivity, while executives see its potential in enhancing resource utilization and optimizing operations for growth.

The event stressed the importance of addressing ethical considerations such as data privacy, intellectual property (IP) protection, and responsible GenAI use.

Business representatives explored the optimization of customer experiences with the latest tools in marketing technology, or martech, emphasizing AI-powered personalization, predictive analytics, and seamless customer journeys.

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