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Global Handwashing Day – “Hand hygiene for ALL”

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Responding to Global Handwashing Day (GHD), October 15, Rentokil Initial, a hygiene solution brand, introduced a program named “Keep Your Hands Clean For A Bright Future” in order to raise children’s awareness about hygienic behaviors and simultaneously educate them on the correct.

“Handwashing for ALL”

COVID – 19 pandemic is a telling example demonstrating the importance of hand hygiene during the process of preventing the spread of germs in the community. As the leading hygiene company in the world, Initial has always served to protect people and enhance lives. At this critical time of observing good hand hygiene, the company is devoting time, local expertise and solutions to keep vulnerable groups of people and communities around the world safe on GHD. This theme was emphasized on a program named “Keep Your Hands Clean For A Bright Future” for students in Kindergarten and Elementary schools in Binh Hoa Tay, Moc Hoa Town, Long An Province.

Choosing a form of reciprocal exchange to open up a two–way interaction, besides arousing children awareness about hand hygiene in public, Rentokil Initial also helped them to remember the messages easily through various educational questions. Rather than telling them “wash your hands”, the program helped students to understand how important the handwashing is for the safety of themselves and people around. Thereby, the program emphasized that handwashing is not only a slogan at that moment but also a habit that should be practiced on an ongoing basis.

Meaningful presents

Beside hand sanitizers and school supplies, in the program, the nine handwashing steps and washing for at least 20 seconds was also introduced to guide students on washing their hands correctly. Those steps have been communicated neatly by signs in every area of taps and restroom area in school as a reminder for children to wash their hands properly.

Rentokil Initial also sent items to ensure handwashing facilities are made available to cultivate handwashing habits, such as using hand soap, hand sanitizers, floor mats and proper waste bin for sanitary disposal.

Rentokil Initial gives meaningful presents to schools.

To enhance the environment in the restroom, Rentokil Initial carried out deep cleaning by steam treatment for the restroom area in the Elementary School in Binh Hoa Tay. This treatment not only handles surface having accumulated stains for a long time, but also removes unpleasant odor, resulting in a clean and safe restroom environment for students.

Sanitation practices are carried out in school areas.

With various meaningful activities in the program responding to Global Handwashing Day, Rentokil Initial Vietnam has proved that creating a better future can start with small actions from everyone. We believe that message has been clearly understood by the students and will be continued to spread to more people in the community.

About InitialWe’re the world’s leading hygiene company and part of Rentokil Initial, the experts in protecting people and enhancing lives. We operate in over 45 countries across the world and have 100 years of hygiene experience, the widest range of solutions and the highest levels of service in the industry.Our own teams of microbiologists, product developers and service professionals and our award-winning innovations set us apart from competitors. We help customers around the world manage hygiene risks and create safer business environments to protect their staff, customers and brand reputations.Find out more about the services and solutions offered by Initial Washroom Hygiene to improve hand hygiene practices within offices, schools, food manufacturing and hospitality environments.Professional hygiene services: https://www.initial.com/vn
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