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Gov’t Inspectorate pinpoints land management violations in Khanh Hoa

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HCMC – The Government Inspectorate has pointed out serious violations by the Khanh Hoa government in the management of State-owned land, including changing the land use purposes without bidding, illegally leasing out land and failing to address enterprises executing projects slowly.

Specifically, the provincial government has chosen Dong Hai Investment and Development JSC as the investor of the Dong Hai commercial center and hotel project, covering nearly 8,900 square meters of State land in Cam Thuan Ward, Cam Ranh City, without bidding, Tien Phong Online newspaper reported.

The leasing of the land also went against the land use plan in the 2011-2015 period of Cam Ranh City and the land law. In addition, the province’s sale of the asset attached to the land without going through auctions violated State asset management and use regulations.

Therefore, the Government Inspectorate proposed the prime minister ask the Khanh Hoa government to stop the operation of the project, revoke the investment certificate and the land and lease the land in line with the law.

As for the Tran Thai resort project in Cam Nghia Ward of Cam Ranh City, the province should review and specify the reasons and bases for an increase in the land area for the project and the repeated adjustments of its 1/500 detailed planning.

The city must also explain the slow progress of the project and determine the land use fee to prevent losses.

Inspectors also suggested stopping the operation and revoking the investment certificate and the land handed over for the Minexco Cam Ranh hotel and restaurant project in Cam Loi Ward, whose investor is Khanh Hoa Mining and Investment JSC.

The same punishment was also proposed for Turtle Island Ecotourism Co., Ltd, the investor of a project to plant forests and farm seaweed in association with ecotourism on Hon Rua Island in Nha Trang City.

Regarding the high-end Eurowindow Nha Trang ecotourism and resort project executed on the D12a, D12b and D12c land lots of the Northern Cam Ranh Peninsula Tourist Area with Eurowindow Nha Trang Tourism and Investment JSC being the investor, the Government Inspectorate suggested the prime minister ask the Khanh Hoa government to calculate the land use fee to prevent losses and ask the investor to quickly complete the remaining workload to put the project into operation. If not, it will face punishment in line with the law.

Moreover, the province should specify the reasons and name the individuals responsible for the slow progress of the Cam Ranh Ecological Villa and Golf Court project in Cam Hoa Commune, Cam Lam District.

The Government Inspectorate also proposed the prime minister ask the Commission for the Management of State Capital at Enterprises to inspect the effectiveness of the State capital and asset use and the deployment of regulations on the management and use of money generated from the charter capital transfer of Nha Trang Petroleum Investment JSC, the investor of the project.

Additionally, violations were found at three State-owned land lots whose use rights have been transferred to enterprises.

Specifically, a branch of Thien Viet Auction and Real Estate Service JSC in Khanh Hoa had failed to announce the auction of the asset attached to a land lot at 68 Thong Nhat Street, Van Thang Ward, Nha Trang City, at the auction site and at least twice on mass media.

A branch of Trung Nam Auction Service JSC in Khanh Hoa had also committed the same violations as that of Thien Viet.

In addition, a land lot at 1 Quang Trung Street, Van Thang Ward, was not included in the province’s approved State-owned house and land rearrangement and handling plan.

The Government Inspectorate proposed the prime minister direct the Khanh Hoa authorities to calculate the land use fees and inspect the deployment of the prime minister’s Decision 09/2007 on the rearrangement and handling of state-owned houses and land and other relevant decisions on the land and land-attached asset transfers.

Heavy sanctions were proposed against the individuals and organizations responsible for these violations. The provincial chairman and vice chairmen as well as heads of the relevant departments and agencies must bear responsibility for the consequences of the violations.

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