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Grasslands transformed into canvas of colors

Text & Photos by Xuan Vinh

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Following the early winter rains, an enchanting natural spectacle awaits nature enthusiasts near An Bang Beach in the charming city of Hoi An, where grasslands burst into an astonishing display of red and yellow hues, adorned with vibrant flowers and leaves.

This captivating scene unfolds as the lawns on abandoned lands transition from yellow to fiery red, resembling the blazing embers of a wild grassland fire. Adding to the picturesque setting are herds of goats leisurely grazing and roaming across the untouched grasslands.

These captivating images have drawn tourists and photographers alike, eager to capture the unique moments gifted by nature.

The most magical moments to witness this natural masterpiece are at dawn, when dewdrops glisten on the grass blades, or during sunset, when the sun’s warm glow bathes the grasslands, creating unparalleled scenes. This breathtaking grassland has quickly become a must-visit natural wonder for those exploring Hoi An City.

Abandoned lands adorned with lush lawns create a captivating natural scene
The grass transitions from vibrant yellow to rich orange and fiery red, resembling a landscape on fire
Herds of goats graze freely on this untouched grassland
Herds of goats graze freely on this untouched grassland
A girl dressed as a prairie dweller poses for photos with the grazing goats
The golden-hued grasslands captivate photographers and passers-by, providing endless photo opportunities
Beautiful clusters of lawns add to the visual allure of the landscape
A father and his son from Danang City enjoy a leisurely walk in this natural paradise
Situated adjacent to the road leading to the ancient town of Hoi An, the grasslands attract a steady stream of visitors
The setting sun enhances the beauty and brilliance of the lawns
Even foreign tourists find themselves inspired by the natural beauty on display
Photographer Nguyen Xuan Anh regards the grasslands as a unique gift from nature to people, with the strikingly beautiful photos sure to promote Hoi An as a tourist destination

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