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Consumers in sustainable development

By Ricky Ho

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In the realm of green economy and sustainable development forums in Vietnam, the representation of individual consumers often remains obscure. While consumer protection associations and organizations exist, their influence and voices are notably subdued. This understated aspect presents an unaddressed challenge that warrants greater attention in Vietnam’s journey towards sustainable development. When it comes to environmental consciousness, Vietnam has lagged behind its Southeast Asian counterparts by several decades. However, the urgency of the green transition in the country must accelerate to align with the net-zero emission target by 2050, in line with regional and global commitments. This collective challenge requires concerted efforts from society, businesses, and the economy as a whole. A long journey In 1981, Co Gia Tho, an electrical mechanical worker in District 6, HCMC, embarked on a journey to sell ballpoint pens. At that time, Thai ballpoint pens held a dominant position in the Vietnamese and Cambodian markets. Ballpoint pens were considered rare commodities, and consumers had to refill ink for reuse. Tho utilized his modest savings in gold to purchase a hand-operated plastic pressing machine and pedaled his bicycle to sell ballpoint pens. Initially named Vu Tru (Cosmos), later renamed Thang Long (Ascending Dragon), and eventually […]
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