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HCMC anticipates 155,000-165,000 job openings in coming months

By T. Dao

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HCMC – HCMC expects a significant number of job openings in the coming months, driven by positive economic developments.

The Center of Forecasting Manpower Needs and Labor Market Information HCMC has predicted a surge in job opportunities in the second half of the year due to increased export orders and expanding production by local businesses.

With positive economic developments such as increased export orders and expanding production by local businesses, the center has estimated a need for around 155,000-165,000 job positions.

Meanwhile, in the event of a slow improvement in the global economic landscape, the center has foreseen a slightly lower but still significant number of job openings, with around 145,000-155,000 positions available.

In terms of sectors, the commercial and service sectors dominate, accounting for a substantial 64.5% of the total labor demand. The industrial-construction sector also presents promising opportunities, expected to represent 34.6% of the job market.

The agricultural, forestry, and aquatic sector, on the other hand, comprises less than 1% of the overall demand.

Among key industries, mechanical engineering accounts for 6.1% of the total labor demand, while electronics and information technology stand at 7.2%. Additionally, the food processing industry holds a 4% share, and the chemical-rubber industry contributes 4.6% to the overall demand.

Within the service sector, the trade sector holds a share of 18.4%, followed by finance, banking, insurance, and real estate with 6.2%.

Nearly 8% of the manpower demand is attributed to asset management and real estate businesses. Sectors like transportation, warehousing, port services, maritime logistics, tourism, postal services, telecommunications, information technology, consultancy, and science and technology require a considerable demand for hiring.

Regarding educational qualifications, over 86% of the hiring demand prefers individuals with formal training in their respective fields. University degree holders account for 17.8% of the demand, while those with a college diploma make up 26.6%.

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