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HCMC issues Directive 18 on gradual economic recovery from Oct 1

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HCMC – HCMC Chairman Phan Van Mai this afternoon, October 1, signed Directive No. 18 on adjusting Covid infection prevention and control measures and gradually reopening the economy.

VNEID, Y te HCM mobile apps while commuting on streets

Residents have been asked to use the VNEID and Y te HCM mobile apps to declare their destinations and health conditions before going out. 

If they do not have smartphones to download the above two apps, they can show proof of their recovery from Covid-19 in the last 180 days or their partial or full vaccination done 14 days before.

When the newly developed mobile app PC-Covid is ready for use, it would replace the VNEID and Y te HCM apps. PC-Covid would be a single mobility and health declaration app which people would have to use when they travel within Vietnam.

Resumption of eight groups of services

Directive No. 18 contains a list of eight groups of entities or services that are allowed to resume operations from October 1, including:

  1. Governmental agencies and state organizations that need to have employees at work.
  2. Foreign commissions, international organizations and foreign economic and cultural offices in the city.
  3. Medical facilities and public and private facilities trading in pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and equipment.
  4. Manufacturing and trading facilities.
  5. Religious organizations, resorts, hotels, motels, cultural and sporting services, weddings and funerals.
  6. Education and training activities for fully vaccinated people.
    1. Indoor conventions and seminars with 10 attendees at most; in case 90% of the attendees have been fully vaccinated against Covid, 60 people at most will be allowed.
  7. Outdoor events with 15 attendees at most; in case 90% of the attendees have been fully vaccinated against Covid, 90 people will be allowed.
  8. Special cases must be approved by the competent agencies. 

Some services remain shut

Directive No. 18 regulates that some services are not allowed to reopen, including:

  1. Bars, beer clubs, pubs, spas, massage parlors, beauty services, dine-in services, cinemas, circuses, dance clubs, karaoke parlors and game parlors.
  2. Makeshift markets, street vendors and lottery ticket sellers.
  3. Other activities except eight groups of services allowed to reopen in accordance with this directive.

The People’s Committee of HCMC asked the districts’ authorities to effectively apply Directive No. 18 and establish inspection teams to regularly inspect manufacturing and trading facilities and service providers, and immediately handle violations. 

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