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HCMC needs 150,000 more workers in 2022

By Do My

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HCMC – By the end of the year, the demand for labor in HCMC is estimated to reach between 136,000 and 150,000 people, with the majority of jobs in essential industries and major service sub-sectors.

The Center of Forecasting Manpower Needs and Labor Market Information HCMC (Falmi) in its recent report stated that the demand for laborers is mainly in commerce-service, which accounts for 65.41% of the total number of vacancies.

Meanwhile, the construction sector’s demand accounts for 33.63% and the agro-forestry-fishery sector 0.96% of the total.

The other essential industries, comprising mechanical engineering, electronics, food processing, beverage, pharmaceutical chemicals, plastic and rubber sectors, account for 20.12% of the total number of jobs on offer.

According to the Falmi, nine major service sectors, consisting of trade, transportation and logistics, tourism, post and telecommunication service, information technology, communication, financial, banking and insurance services, property and real estate trading investment, science and technology consulting, education and training, and healthcare, make up 52.89% of the total.

Given the country’s rapid digitalization, the majority of vacancies require jobseekers to have tech knowledge and professional skills. Hence, workers should equip themselves with knowledge and enhance their qualifications and abilities to meet the growing demands of the labor market, the Falmi reported.

According to the Falmi, in the first half of 2022, HCMC needed human resources mainly in the service-commerce sector, with more than 114,000 jobs, or 77.18% of the total.

The construction sector needed more than 33,000 workers, accounting for more than 22.76% of the total, while the agro-forestry-fishery sector recruited a mere 89 jobs, or 0.06% of the total.

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