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HCMC to arrange for employees with green pass to return to workplace

The Saigon Times

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HCMC – State agencies in HCMC will arrange for a maximum of 50% of employees who have a Covid green pass to work at the headquarters from next month and the figure is expected to be increased to 100% in January next year.

This is part of a plan recently approved by municipal chairman Phan Van Mai about workplace adjustments for State agencies in line with anti-Covid measures, reported VnExpress.

In the first phase from October 1 to 31, State agencies are required to make arrangements for 50% of their employees who are fully vaccinated or are given the Covid green pass to return to the workplace, while the rest will work from home. Special units or those that want to arrange more than 50% of their employees have to seek approval from the municipal authorities.

Meanwhile, the armed forces and the medical sector have to ensure 100% of their employees work to serve the Covid fight. Any unit under suspension due to Covid has to assign security staff to be on duty for fire protection and to handle other unexpected issues. Employees living in extremely high risk or lockdown areas have to work from home for a certain amount of time as regulated by the leader.

The municipal Department of Health was asked to provide timely support and supply Covid test kits upon the request of State agencies to test their employees. Agencies have to receive, handle, and return the results of administrative works online or via public postal services.

State agencies headquartered in areas that are recognized as Covid safe areas can arrange for personnel with the green pass to get back to work based on their needs.

In the second phase from November 1 to January 15, State agencies are allowed to arrange for a maximum of two-thirds of their employees with the green pass to return to the workplace. The armed forces and the healthcare sector have to ensure an adequate number of employees go to work in line with Covid prevention and control measures.

The municipal authorities encouraged State agencies to use online public services to process administrative procedures and return the results through public postal services.

Regarding the third phase, which will take place after January 15, State agencies can arrange for all of their employees with the green pass to work at the headquarters. Online public services are also encouraged.

State agencies have to regularly check the arrangements of employees and strictly follow anti-virus protocols.

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