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HCMC to launch third Covid relief package worth VND7.3 trillion

The Saigon Times

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HCMC – HCMC is launching the third Covid-19 relief package worth VND7.3 trillion (US$321 million) to support some 7.3 million people affected by the pandemic, the city’s vice chairman Vo Van Hoan announced at a press conference on September 20.

Hoan said the prolonged social distancing in the city has forced many businesses to shut down and as a result, many people in the city have lost their jobs. 

Besides the Government’s relief package of VND26 trillion that was launched in July, the city has implemented two relief packages of its own worth VND1.8 trillion in total to help disadvantaged people and businesses hit by the pandemic over the past three months.

The third relief package, which is funded by the city’s budget, will benefit people with both temporary and permanent residence. 

“Whether they hold a temporary or permanent residence status, they have contributed to the development of the city. Therefore, the city is responsible for taking care of them when they face difficulties,” the city’s vice chairman said. 

The third relief package is expected to benefit over 53,500 poor and near-poor households with around 210,300 people, people eligible to receive monthly social assistance benefits, unemployed workers, including those undergoing quarantine or Covid-19 treatment, dependents of unemployed workers that are living in the city and the needy living in rented rooms.

Each person will receive VND1 million.

People receiving pension and those getting an allowance due to lost work capacity, people participating in social insurance and people who received a salary in August 2021 are not entitled to this relief package.

The local authorities are responsible for reviewing and making a list of cases eligible for receiving financial support from the third package.

“The list of beneficiaries will be approved by the competent agencies. We are trying to launch the third Covid-19 relief package this Friday. Besides these relief packages, the city is mobilizing other sources to help residents affected by the pandemic,” Hoan said. 

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  1. I am in touch with about 19 families (I give them money) – even let a couple stay in my apartment – but NOT one of them has received ANY food packages or money.

    How do they connect with this relief?

    One good thing, a few of these peoples landlords have reduced their rents, which is very generous.


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