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Heineken joins hands with NTSC to deploy road safety program

By Nhu Phu

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HCMC – Heineken Vietnam and the National Traffic Safety Committee (NTSC) have reactivated the partnership program “When you drink, never drive” for the 2022–2023 period, advocating positive change towards healthy drinking and driving behaviors in Vietnam.

The two-year program has a new approach, including reinforcing the “Road Safety” culture, promoting healthy drinking and driving habits for state agency and enterprise employees based on Heineken Vietnam’s Traffic Safety framework.

As long-term partners, NTSC and Heineken Vietnam have collaborated to develop a set of traffic safety regulations and a standard “When you drink, never drive” framework for two pilot units, including the HCMC Public Transport Management Center and VITRANIMEX Transportation and Trading JSC.

Tran Huu Minh, head of the NTSC Office, highly valued Heineken Vietnam’s effort, saying: “I greatly welcome supportive programs from alcoholic beverage enterprises, especially Heineken Vietnam. The company has proactively organized awareness campaigns for state agencies and enterprises to encourage their staff to adopt healthy habits towards responsible consumption for the benefit of personal health and the community.

“I hope this program will become an impactful model program to be implemented at a bigger scale in the future.”

After examination for result assessment at the two participating units, NTSC will conduct a set of criteria for “When you drink, never drive” implementation at enterprises and administrative agencies with an aim to disseminate these regulations to the nationwide level in the next few years.

This is also a breakthrough in building the “When you drink, never drive” behavior through a personal perspective so that each employee at these two units will be fully equipped with knowledge and skills to participate in traffic as well as to spread inspiration to the community.

“Path to Moderation and No Harmful Use” is one of the core features of Heineken Vietnam’s sustainability ambition “Brewing a Better Vietnam,” said Tran Minh Triet, deputy managing director at Heineken Vietnam.

He added teaming up with NTSC in the 2022-2023 project is an opportunity for Heineken Vietnam to support and disseminate the ‘Traffic Safety – When you drink, never drive’ program to state agencies and enterprises nationwide.

Heineken Vietnam has built and committed to implementing the set of internal traffic safety regulations and a traffic safety program over the past few years, with multiple activities to improve driving skills and knowledge for the employees.

Committed to strengthening the “When you drink, never drive” habit, the company has deployed a “Safe Pick-Up” program that guarantees its customers will get home safely every day.

Heineken Vietnam has been teaming up with NTSC to simultaneously convey the “When you drink, never drive” message in Vietnam since 2008, addressing the drink-driving issue in Vietnam through a number of initiatives to alter consumer consciousness and behavior.

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