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HFMD worsens as new school year in Daklak starts

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HCMC – The number of new hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) cases, which are common among children, has increased sharply since the new school year began early last month in the Central Highlands province of Daklak, the Vietnam News Agency reported.

Doctor Le Phuc, deputy director of the Center for Disease Control of Daklak Province, said the average number of new HFMD cases in the province has jumped from 30-40 a day before the new school year to 80-130 in recent weeks.

Phuc said the sharp increase in new cases is the result of the close contact between children upon their return to school.

Data of the Daklak Province Department of Health showed that the province has reported more than 900 HFMD cases in all of its 13 districts, one town and one city as of October 12.

Buon Ma Thuot City reported the largest number, with 230 cases, followed by Cu M’gar District with 154 cases and Buon Don District with 109 cases.

The provincial government has asked the local health authorities and the Department of Education and Training to provide guidance, promote media campaigns aimed at fighting the spread of the disease and encourage local residents to join efforts to manage the disease.

Besides this, they must actively follow up on the development of the disease and encourage parents to take their children to hospitals if they show symptoms associated with the disease, such as high fever lasting longer than two days, vomiting and fatigue.

The Daklak Province Department of Health has called on local residents to actively adopt preventive measures in their daily activities, such as washing their hands with soap, sterilizing home appliances regularly and paying attention to personal as well as public hygiene.

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