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In search of booming tourism for Cam Mountain

By Hoang Hai

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“What hinders business operations is a barrier to economic growth,” Nguyen Thanh Binh, Chairman of An Giang People’s Committee, stated at a business meeting and gained the approval of numerous experts.
Nguyen Thanh Binh, Chairman of An Giang People’s Committee, speaks at the business meeting

The chairman voiced his opinion as a message of empathy for domestic businesses that are facing tough situations in the wake of the pandemic and the risks of economic slowdown. For instance, real estate businesses have been stuck in the doldrums for months, resulting in massive layoffs recently. Meanwhile, delays and drops in orders have forced many businesses in the garment industry to downsize their operations and lay off workers.

New scenarios needed for Cam Mountain’s tourism development

Located in the majestic Bay Nui (Seven Mountains) Range, the Cam Mountain is widely known for its diverse ecosystem, spiritual values, and unique beliefs. The thrilling tales of the hermits who lived in seclusion around there and practiced meditation for enlightenment have been passed down through many generations. Those stories are considered a foundation for the locals to achieve human endurance, courage, and kindness. Overall, Cam Mountain becomes a symbol of the locality and a place that preserves and conserves natural and cultural treasures created by the Supernatural Spirit.

The involvement of a new investor in operating the Cam Mountain cable car system with professional management has recently resulted in significant service improvements and has caught huge attention of many visitors. However, the locality still needs to draw up a novel development plan to boost Cam Mountain’s tourism activities and take full advantage of the fantastic reputation of this remarkable destination.

Once setting foot on the top of Cam Mountain, tourists can enjoy a romantic view of lakeside roads from afar

Cam Mountain has been on everyone’s lips for a long time thanks to its spiritual history and the dreamlike beauty of the landscape. However, it is hard to attract investors as the authorities have yet to come up with a comprehensive plan to elevate tourism in the entire Cam Mountain area. The inconsistent policies from various departments, limited transportation infrastructure, and inadequate facilities have long hindered the growth of the tourism industry.

Actions must be taken urgently to boost tourism in An Giang Province, a precious gem in Vietnam’s tourism industry, as the peak season fast approaches. Cam Mountain or Bay Nui Range, which hold a treasure trove of intangible and tangible values, should be given priority for further development, especially with new investors willing to make contributions.

A rest stop for the mysterious Cam Mountain expedition

The legends of Cam Mountain are deeply rooted in the culture and spiritual life of the people in the Mekong Delta region. Many types of tourism have emerged around this area, catering to the growing trend of interaction among people.

After many ups and downs in life, one company has recently stepped up to revive the invaluable potential of Cam Mountain. It is striving to draw up suitable measures in line with reality, situation, and long-term vision for revitalizing and developing the Bay Nui Range’s tourism products.

Business activities aim to achieve one common goal – profitability, as it is the livelihood of the workers, the improvement of the living standards of the local people, and the contribution to the development goals of the local economy and infrastructure from various perspectives.

Tourists are satisfied with the operation of the Cam Mountain cable car system

It is time for Cam Mountain to see a tourism season boom with lots of valuable memories. Positive appreciation for the great effort and goodwill of the investor will be a big motivation for it to continue the hard journey to developing the tourism sector. It is believed that investors will play a crucial role in helping An Giang’s tourism industry reach the target of welcoming eight million visitors and even more for the whole year of 2023.

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