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A distinctive version of An Nhon-style spring rolls

By Viet An

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With their distinctive flavor, spring rolls served on a flat winnowing basket (banh cuon tret) in An Nhon Town are a favorite among diners.

The name “banh cuon tret” comes from the fact that when the dish is served, all the ingredients, including beef, fresh vegetables and the fried spring rolls, are placed on different dishes and rice papers on a flat winnowing basket. The diners then make the rolls themselves.

The main ingredient of the dish is grilled beef, which must be of the highest quality, cut into small slices and marinated with fish sauce, onions, garlic, and some spices. The marinated beef is skewered on bamboo sticks and then grilled in a charcoal oven. The aroma of the beef lures diners.

Another feature that determines the deliciousness of the dish is the dipping sauce. After the beef is stir-fried, the gravy is mixed with chilis garlic fish sauce, and some sliced mangoes are added. This dish’s combination of fatty, spicy, and sour is a characteristic.

The diners dip two large pieces of rice paper in water, place them on a flat winnowing basket, add fresh vegetables, sliced cucumbers and mangoes, and layer it with grilled beef slices and fried spring rolls. The roll is wrapped and enjoyed with the dipping sauce.

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