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Leasing printers – optimal solution for enterprises

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Whether an enterprise should buy or lease printers is not an easy decision. What are the reasons to help enterprises make the decision suitable for their printing need?

What is the printer leasing service?

Not just sending their printers to enterprises having leasing needs, lessors also have the responsibility to solve all the relevant issues including technical issues, maintenance and repair services, risks handling… and even newest model upgrading.

Why should enterprises lease printers?

Not all enterprises have technicians specializing in printers, while technical printing problems can occur anytime, interrupting enterprises’ operations. With all the problems being predicted and solutions included in the service package, leasing printers is clearly the better option.

The second advantage is that enterprises can choose the printer model that best suits their needs. Printer lessors always own the newest models with all the features upgraded to meet all the needs of the printing solution. Therefore, enterprises choosing leasing services do not need to mind the product life-cycle or the time to update their printing solution.

The last advantage of the printer leasing service is the cost. There is no need to invest a large amount of money in the initial period; there are no risks of technical problems. Enterprises can manage expenses easily because all the costs for printer maintenance and accessories and ink cartridge replacement will be included in the leasing service that costs only small amounts periodically.

With all the above advantages, the printer leasing service is obviously the optimal solution for enterprises. However, to have the best service experience, enterprises have to choose a prestigious lessor.

Choosing prestigious and high-quality printer lessors

As a golden partner of HP, Hitechpro is always a prestigious provider of genuine HP products in trading and the printer leasing service. Based on their demands, enterprises can choose HP Color LaserJet Managed Flow MFP E87650z Plus with the color printing feature or HP LaserJet Managed MFP E72525dn, which prints documents in white and black only.

As products of the prestigious HP firm, the two printers will produce clear prints and can print up to 300,000 pages per month with the recommended total number of 50,000 pages per month. The two printers also have sufficient functions, such as photocopy, scan and fax, together with diversified connection ports, as well as large and convenient automatic paper feeding trays.

The two are high-end products equipped with the most advanced management and security features of HP to help enterprises easily use them.

A difference in the printer leasing service of Hitechpro is its technicians, who are trained carefully by HP. They are experienced and can promptly address problems. In case of long-lasting repair and maintenance, Hitechpro will provide enterprises with other printers for temporary use to prevent interruptions.

Hitechpro is confident to offer genuine printers, enthusiastic and fast support, and advanced techniques for enterprises. You can make direct contact to have more information about Hitechpro’s printer leasing service.

Contact information:HITECHPRO COMPANY LIMITEDAddress: 436A/139 Ba Thang Hai Street, Ward 12, District 10, HCMC, VietnamPhone number: 028 – 38683834

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