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Lost in the peaceful countryside

By Vuong Loc

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In Co Vien Lau, it is normal for tourists to get lost in its peaceful scenery, with the traditional beauty of the ancient Vietnamese villages in the middle of the majestic mountains and the charming rivers of the ancient capital of Hoa Lu in Ninh Binh Province.

Located in the center of the Tam Coc-Bich Dong cave complex, Ninh Binh Province, Co Vien Lau is next to Tam Coc Wharf. In the Sino-Vietnamese language, Co Vien Lau means an ancient garden mansion. Covering some 20,000 square meters, Co Vien Lau impresses visitors with its peaceful landscape with more than 20 ancient houses built in different styles, highlighting the distinct cultural values of each region and converging the historical values of Vietnam.

Co Vien Lau faithfully recreates the scenery of the northern countryside in the past. It is a community where the rich and the poor live together. The difference in social status can be seen in how the houses are built and designed.

Tourists who visit Co Vien Lau for the first time will be mesmerized by the soothing scenery of this place

Most houses owned by rich people are designed and built from precious wood in the ancient architectural style, with the roof made from fish-scale tiles. Inside the houses, columns and trusses are carved with unique and exquisite patterns, highlighting the traditional art and culture of the nation.

Interspersed with those houses are simple ones for civilians and farmers. The houses with thatched roofs and mud walls highlight the poverty of the rural villagers.

Apart from the communal and old houses, visitors can also see familiar interiors such as cabinets, settees, pedestals, etc., which are hundreds of years old and carved with sophisticated patterns. Thousands of antiques are associated with cultural values and the daily lives of the elderly in the past.

Co Vien Lau is not only a site to visit but also an ideal place to relax for travelers. On their first visit to Co Vien Lau, tourists will be mesmerized by the soothing scenery, best enjoyed by resting on bamboo cots and enjoying fragrant cups of green tea and rustic snacks. They can also further learn about the architecture and lifestyle of the Vietnamese people.

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