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MerryHome – A living space of choice for experts in Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh

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Quy Nhon in Binh Dinh Province is endowed with beautiful landscapes, a place boasting a convergence of mountains and seas and a long cultural history with many well-known historical and cutural relics. Moreover, the province is witnessing its strong economic growth across various sectors, making it more attractive for local and foreign investment.

With high growth, Binh Dinh is ready to welcome high quality manpower

Over the past years, Binh Dinh Province has strived to become one of the central region’s leading provinces, continuing to develop into the country’s major center of sea economy, science and technology, innovation and tourism to attract investments in many sectors. According to the provincial Department of Planning and Investment, in the first eight months of the year, the province attracted 60 investment projects with total pledged capital of VND13,377 billion, meeting its full-year target. In the period, 58 projects, involved in tourism, industry, high technology, trade, services, construction, agriculture, and real estate sectors, were revised with additional investment capital of VND3,770 billion.

Thanks to its socio-economic achievements, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh has become attractive to local and international high quality manpower coming to the city for developing their careers. This is a positive sign as these quality personnel will contribute to boosting the development of the province. Binh Dinh is currently implementing incentive policies for luring quality personnel and supporting to develop human resources such as building mechanisms on talent attraction, establishing linkages between training establishments and labour users, and incentivizing high quality workforce.

Reasons for choosing Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh as a place to settle down

Nguyen The Trong, a resident in HCMC and an expert working for a wind farm project, said: “Quy Nhon has many potentials for development and I believe that the province will become a resilient economic and tourism center in the near future. My family chose this place to live as we like living by the sea to enjoy cool climate while there is a variety of career development opportunities.”

Working in FPT Hi-tech Park for nearly one year, Le Thanh Hai, coming from Hanoi, said that one of the factors that make Binh Dinh most attractive to the quality workforce is its well-developed infrastructure, decent utilities and services as this will help facilitate experts’ life and work. Additionally, those who have qualifications and expertise will be offered a variety of job opportunities in Quy Nhon, he said, citing thousands of job vacancies offered by his company as an example.

Experts desire to have a mordern, convenient and comfortable living space

“With easy traffic access, a more-than-one hour flight from Hanoi, and a wide range of utilities for daily living such as commercial centers, supermarkets and hospitals, these fully-equiped residential areas could completely satisfy the needs of high quality human resources who come here to work.”

Foreign experts are also keen on living in Quy Nhon thanks to the city’s beautiful sceneries, clean water, warm sunshine all year round, and especially diverse career development opportunties and special cultural identity. Marie, an information technology expert, said: “Being a nature lover, I am very impressed with natural beauty and development of Quy Nhon City. During three years of living here, I realized that the city is becoming modern and dynamic, therefore I believe that Quy Nhon will become one of the ideal destinations for foreign experts to settle down. High technology is also a sector which receives a lot of investment in Binh Dinh Province; therefore, I am happy to commit myself long term with this place.”

MerryHome, a new choice for experts

Realizing Quy Nhon’s potential, the developer of the tropical wonder MerryLand Quy Nhon has launched MerryHome product line with sea view apartments to the market. The very first apartment buildings situated at Marina District sub-section, adjacent to luxury marinas, are now available for experts’ long term lodging when they come to Quy Nhon for business or living. More than an ideal living space, MerryHome offers an infinite vacation with an amazing ocean view from every aparment, a place that witnesses the convergence of the ocean and the sea and a daily life being filled with natural breath.

With its international standards, MerryHome, boasting its modernity and convenience, offers a peaceful and relaxing space near the sea for local and foreign experts. Besides, a diverse utility system of Marina District including a square, a 6,000-sq.m swimming pool, park, the Snow World, the beach club, together with an outdoor art performance center, marinas, an 18-hole golf course, a theme park, a musical fountain and the canal system, is expected to bring a life of fulfillment for residents living in MerryHome.

MerryHome are built to meet living standards of high quality workforce and experts

As one of the well-planned projects in Hai Giang peninsula, MerryHome is also appropriate for local residents who want to have a good living environment, modern utilities and services, and a civilized community.

In addition to lodging values, MerryHome has great potential in offering leasing services or business model operation of airbnb, homestay and resorts.

A representative of MerryLand Quy Nhon developer – Hung Thinh Land said that “MerryHome comes into existence with an aim to offer a morden and comforatable living space and a full experience for residents as a whole and high quality workforce working in Quy Nhon in particular. This is an ideal living place as well as an investment channel with sustainable values, bringing attractive business opportunities for clients.”

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