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Moc Chau Plateau’s very own white silk

By Thi An

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Ban Vat Waterfall, also known as Dai Yem Waterfall, is blessed by Mother Nature with a majestic beauty.

Following the path to National Highway 43, the Ban Vat Waterfall is some 5 kilometers away from the center of Moc Chau District of Son La Province.

It originated from two canyons, Bo Co Lam and Bo Ta Chu in Vat Village, home to the Thai ethnic minority.

The Ban Vat Waterfall is some 100 meters in height and includes many cascades of different sizes and widths. The waterfall is divided into two levels, separated by some 150 meters. The internal part of the first waterfall, which constitutes 70 meters of the width, has many strange-shaped small and medium rocks, while the second has only one stream flowing into the lake from a height of 50 meters.

Separating the two levels of the waterfall is flat land from where tourists can admire the majestic scenery.

April to September each year is the best time to visit the Ban Vat Waterfall. In the rainy season, when there is enough water, white streams from the head of the spring fall onto the rocks, resembling soft white silk and creating a primeval and poetic landscape.

The paths around the waterfall lead visitors to different cascades. Standing atop the waterfall, one can see the crystal clear water flowing on the stone steps.

The crystal clear water of the Ban Vat Waterfall

One can also spot beautiful tree-trunks in the middle of the waterfall, still growing well despite the stream constantly eroding the roots. There is also an abundance of trees atop the waterfall, creating a magnificent landscape. Amid the green forests and chirping birds, the waterfall gushes day and night.

Besides the main area, visitors can walk around to visit the Vat stream and surrounding hills and taste a wide range of specialties of the Northwest cooked by the ethnic people. Those seeking new experiences can go downstream, learn how to catch fish with the local people and understand the different kinds of rare fish living in the area.

Visit the waterfall one morning, and stay for the fresh air and bright sunshine promise to offer new energy and refresh your mind and spirit.

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