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Mysterious islet in Xuan Dai Bay

Photo by Nhan Tam

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Nhat Tu Son Islet in Xuan Dai Bay is a captivating destination, particularly for backpackers, who are drawn to its enchanting seaside walking path, pristine natural beauty, and crystal-clear blue water. The islet boasts stunning rocky beaches, some of which resemble natural swimming pools.

Situated in Song Cau Township, just 50 kilometers north of Tuy Hoa City in Phu Yen, a central province of Vietnam, Nhat Tu Son Islet is a short distance from the mainland. Lush greenery covers the islet year-round, creating a protective backdrop for the nearby My Thanh fishing village. The islet derives its name, Nhat Tu Son, from its island shape, which resembles the Chinese character for “one.”

Visitors can access the islet via a scenic walking path that becomes accessible during low tides.

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