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Nhat Nghe Tinh Bookcase launches plastics technology book

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HCMC – Nhat Nghe Tinh (Master One Trade) Bookcase, co-founded by the Saigon Times Foundation (STF), a unit of the Saigon Times Group, and the Supporting Committee for Vietnamese People in Germany, has rolled out a 652-page book on plastics technology, which provides knowledge and information for experts and specialists working in the field and those keen on plastics technology.

The book is part of a series of engineering books, following the previous launch of seven books on mechanical engineering, electronic and electric technology, chemical technology, modern motorcycle-automobile engineering, biology and biological engineering, mechatronics and environmental engineering.

These books are aimed at contributing to the building of a skilled workforce and providing training in both theory and practice.

The plastics technology book is being widely used at vocational colleges and universities in Germany. The book, from famed German publisher Europa-Lehrmittel, was translated into Vietnamese and published in Vietnam by 24 Vietnamese experts in collaboration with the Tre Publishing House.

The book is available at the bookstores of Tre Publishing House, Fahasha and Phuong Nam as well as on ecommerce platform Tiki.

Three books on construction engineering, fashion technique and food technology engineering as well as the mechanical handbook will be added to the bookcase in the coming months.

The Saigon Times Foundation would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for donating over VND335 million toward charitable purposes in the first three quarters of 2020.

Donations for scholarships: over VND316.57 million

Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company (PNJ): over VND263.125 million

Tran Nguyet Thu and her family: VND30 million

Tran Ngoc Chau: VND11.5 million

Le Thi Phuong Dung: VND149,600

Individuals who donated royalties from their writings to publications of the Saigon Times Group to fund scholarships for students:

– HSBC Bank Vietnam: VND4.8 million

– Le Hong Giang: VND2.3 million

– Do Long: VND1.8 million

– Dinh Truong Hinh: VND1.1 million

– Pham Phu Ngoc Trai: VND1 million

– Phan Thanh Ha: VND800,000

Donations for SOS Go Vap Children’s Village in HCMC: VND19.02 million

– Dafri Agussalim: VND11.02 million

– Tran Dinh Lam: VND6 million

– Chung Hoang Chuong: VND2 million

With contributions from generous donors, STF has been able to carry out numerous social programs. The foundation is looking forward to receiving more support in the future.

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