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Playing chess at the peak

Photo by Trung Chau

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Ban Co Peak is situated on Son Tra Peninsula, nearly 700 meters above sea level. It stands as a familiar landmark for tourists exploring Son Tra Peninsula in the coastal city of Danang, renowned for its rare and nostalgic beauty.

Visitors to this site not only revel in the breathtaking scenery but also immerse themselves in a captivating legend. According to local folklore, two deities once sat atop the peak engaged in a prolonged game of chess. However, one of them became distracted by fairies bathing on the nearby Tien Sa beach, leading to his defeat. In frustration, he kicked the chessboard into the sea and returned to Heaven. To commemorate this tale, locals carved a large chessboard onto the rock and erected a statue of the deity contemplating his next move. Thus, the peak was named Ban Co (meaning chess board), and the beach where the fairies bathed became known as Tien Sa.

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