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Rock tales in Ganh Yen

By Nguyen Trung Au

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Ganh Yen is located along the fishing village of Thanh Thuy in Binh Hai Commune, Binh Son District, Quang Ngai Province. The tourist attraction is home to many rocky cliffs with small holes that shelter birds such as swiftlets, swallows, and starlings.

Ganh Yen has undergone a geological tectonic process, creating a series of magical volcanic sedimentary rocks stacked in layers around the coast. This is a unique natural heritage. At Ganh Yen, visitors can experience traveling by coracle or walk out and around to see the beautiful nature. Especially, the low tide season reveals beautiful coral reefs along Ganh Yen beach.

Ganh Yen has experienced the geological tectonic process over millions of years, creating a series of volcanic sedimentary rocks stacked in layers around the coast
There are many large, black rocks at Ganh Yen
Sea water at Ganh Yen is very clear and clean. This place has not yet attracted many tourists, so it is still unspoiled
Fishermen at work. Coracle is the main means of transportation here. It can easily move on shallow water with many reefs
An old man with his coracle used for near-shore fishing
The primitive scene of Ganh Yen captured by a tourist
Tourists can travel by coracle to see coral reefs at Ganh Yen
Fishes caught at Ganh Yen
On the beach, there are various kinds of black stones
A romantic Ganh Yen with fishermen and coracles
The ideal time to go to Ganh Yen is early morning. Visitors can both watch the sunrise and buy fish
Fishermen in Ganh Yen are very friendly and hospitable. Guests can ask them many things about attractions around Ganh Yen.
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