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Royal mausoleums adorned with lush greenery

Photo by Nguyen Phuc Bao Minh

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Surrounded by a verdant ambiance, King Gia Long Mausoleum is truly a testament to Hue’s rich heritage. Among Hue’s Nguyen Dynasty’s royal mausoleums that were recognized by UNESCO as the world cultural heritage in 1993, this particular site holds a unique charm, meticulously crafted in a feng shui style that harmonizes seamlessly with its natural surroundings.

The mausoleum complex is a captivating blend of nature and architecture, with the natural landscape playing a pivotal role in enhancing the magnificence of the architectural work.

Over the past seven years, Japanese experts have meticulously studied the landscape surrounding King Gia Long Mausoleum. Their assessment highlights the exceptional construction, design, and environmental integration of the site, marking it as one of the most remarkable in Asia.

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